Let’s Talk Social Media

Social media – something I didn’t grow up with, until the time of Bebo and MySpace. Oh wait, I had one of those Piczo sites too… wow. I wouldn’t dream of looking back at either if the access was ever granted.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I’m a marketing manager so it’s a given that social channels are involved. All I get frustrated about on a professional level though is you never know which campaign is gonna hit and which isn’t. The personal level is a whole other story…

The self comparison, the searching, the comments, tags, blah blah, I find myself digging so far into a whole that I don’t even know why I use certain channels anymore. Take Facebook for example, I’m just done with it. Suddenly, it makes me feel bored, fed up, and scrolling along for the sake of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the meme pages but I can get them on Twitter and Instagram can’t I?!

I love Instagram and Twitter – the second more than the first. Instagram can be quite damaging though. The filters, edits, true? happy lives, how to parent, how to eat healthy, how to keep fit, and so on… but I love sharing special memories and that’s why I’m on it. Oh and of course, for the golden retriever photos and videos!

For me, I find, it’s like an addiction. And that’s not to post but to check the apps even when there aren’t any notifications. Now more than ever, I understand why people come away and ‘take a break’. I really get it. You need space and less of a distraction.

A few months ago, I decided to turn the notifications off on my phone home screen for WhatsApp. I couldn’t handle them constantly popping up and feeling the need to reply there and then. Now I feel much more comfortable going into the app when I do and reply as and when I can.

How do you feel towards social media?