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The Electric Toothbrush You Need In Your Life

Want to ditch your manual toothbrush for an electric one but don’t know what brand? Lisergy kindly sent me the new ION-Sei electric toothbrush, created behind Japanese technology and designed in Germany. It’s advertised to have ‘ionic brushing superpowers’ so immediately it got my attention because anything to do with superpowers, I’m all in!

I’m quite nervous when it comes to using electric toothbrushes because I have a bridge fitted.

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Gifted by Lisergy

Obviously, the orthodontist knows it’s made for a purpose – to be there to serve as any other tooth and not be pushed out by dental products or everyday eating habits. However, me being me, I still worry. That was until I started to use the ION-Sei electric brush.

I’m very cautious about how my teeth look. I want to eat several cups of tea, eat goodies every once in a while and eat the foods I enjoy. But apparently, getting older means your teeth can get discoloured – yes even at 25 years old?! So I wanted to give this toothbrush a chance to see if it could work any wonders.

I’m currently under a treatment plan with my dentist for the whitening side of things but I hoped the toothbrush would do it’s job in keeping my teeth looking healthy and getting to parts where an ordinary toothbrush doesn’t.

It does just that – removes more plaque and your teeth feel very refreshed after every brush.

toothbrush and dental products

Gifted by Lisergy. The other dental products were not gifted – I purchased them.

Lisergy sent me a soft brush head and two standard brush heads so I was very pleased. It turns out that the standard brush head isn’t too harsh on my teeth even on the highest setting. It’s nice and gentle on your gums too. I 100% recommend using the standard brush head because it removes the extra bits of plaque on your teeth and gives a more sparkling result.

The freshness of brushing your teeth in the evening stays until the next morning and your teeth continue to feel smooth after each brush.

My favourite features about the toothbrush are:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Ultra violet (UV) light
  • The choice of settings
  • Innovative design

For more information about the ION-Sei electric toothbrush visit: or purchase on Amazon. Thank you to Lisergy for this gifted product.

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The Idea of Perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist? Of course it does – we live in a world where there’s crisps, chocolate fudge cake and pizza! That sounds pretty perfect to me. But now, to more serious talk, the idea of perfection in ourselves.

Some of us are happy with the bodies we are in, some aren’t.

Many of us feel the need to wear makeup to cover up, to wear certain clothes to hide our imperfections etc. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of this. Spots, dry skin, bad hair day – you name it. But when anyone else experiences either of those things I honestly think they look fine.

In the gym, do I see sweaty red-faced girls? Nope, unless you rephrase that to girl (myself). I see girls who look amazing considering they’ve just completed a fitness workout. Then there’s that girl over there (me) who’s dying for a bottle of water and to get home quick before someone sees me looking the way I do. Stupid, right? But it’s true.

I have come to the terms with the fact that no matter how perfect you might think someone looks, they don’t live for their ‘perfect appearance’ as much as it might be perceived on the outside. They’re just doing their thing. For some it’s lots of makeup, for others its au natural.

Let’s take work as another example. I wear bare to little makeup – lucky if I put mascara on now and again. I used to love wearing eyeshadow and mascara. But now, when I wear it occasionally, it makes me feel more towards some kind of beautiful. And it makes me feel good about myself.

Don’t let the bullies who called you ugly in high school make you think you’re ugly. Don’t allow the girls who told you that you hadn’t had enough boyfriends make you feel unattractive. Most of all, stop seeking for a more ‘perfect’ you.  There’s this idea that someone is ‘prettier’ than another. Embrace your beauty; don’t spend time trying to mimic someone else. I’ve already spoke about how social media affects how you feel and look.

Personality reveals all

There’s no one better than the person who you are deep inside. Personalities have so much power but the first thing you probably judge from someone is how they look. You haven’t had a conversation with them so appearance is the first thing you see.

A quick chat can reveal so much. The ‘prettiest person in the room’ could be feeling the lowest and steer away from conversation. Yet, the person who you haven’t paid much attention to could be one of the sweetest and bubbliest people you will ever meet. I like the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover”. I can’t reiterate enough how there’s always more to a person that what meets the eye. Yet people are so quick to judge.

Regardless of what someone looks like or if they seem more powerful, whether it be achievements, possessions etc. be kind. Everybody’s idea of perfection is different. And attributes of happiness vary from one person to another.

I have days where I feel so low about myself. Someone can take a look at me and not understand what reason I have to be down. They see a smiley person that’s always so positive. I see a girl who just wants to look and be better. But to be honest, in more recent months that feeling is starting to fade (I think and hope). I’m learning to embrace every single piece of me that makes me who I am, flaws and all.

You and I are here to be happy, not to be perfect.

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Improve Your Skincare Routine with Nakin Skincare

This is a gifted post – items sent from Nakin Skincare. The results of the review are based on a 2-week period.

Improving your skincare routine

A skincare routine is something that I have taken more seriously this year. As someone with dry skin, I’ve learnt how important and healthy it is to keep your skin hydrated and keeping it moisturised. I’m definitely drinking more water which is good and I’ve also been looking into more beauty products to try.

Nakin Skincare care about ‘beautiful skin at every age’ and that’s exactly I chose to collaborate with them (thank you to the lovely Cris, founder of Nakin Skincare). I hadn’t heard about this British brand before so browsing their website I could see the wide range of products  they had to offer.

Now you might think for a 25-year-old woman, I don’t need any anti ageing skincare products. But they are actually really worthwhile, especially the natural anti ageing face serum and eye cream gifted from Nakin Skincare.

nakin face serum and eye cream

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum

The anti-ageing face serum comes in a nice bottle. It’s easy to use, isn’t clumpy and doesn’t release too much at once. It makes your face feel really smooth and gives you the healthy glow that your facial skin is in desperate need of. After its 2 weeks of use there’s still plenty left.

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex

I have a bit of eczema on my right eye lid so I was a bit weary of using the eye cream. However, it didn’t have any bad skin reactions whatsoever. In fact, it soothed the dry skin a little and didn’t iterate my skin when applying it. After using the Nakin anti-ageing eye cream, my skin felt much tighter under my eyes and I looked more refreshed but the bags under my eyes almost being undiscoverable.

Overall thoughts

Both products were really beneficial for my skincare routine. The service from Nakin Skincare is really friendly and professional. The packaging was simple but I recommend them for their fast delivery service and quality of the products.

In the future I’d love to try their lip treatment balm as it’s something I usually swear by in the winter months – I always have a lip balm stored away in my handbag! What are your go-to products for your daily skincare routine?

Visit the Nakin Skincare to browse their range of products and learn more about them via:

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My Review of Janina Teeth Whitening Products

This is a gifted post in collaboration with Janina. Before my holiday, a lady called Julia contacted me regarding a review of Janina teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. This was linked into National Smile Month. I’ve always been quite frightened to use teeth whitening products as I worry they’ll damage my teeth or turn out whiter than an A4 piece of printing paper (sorry that’s just not my thing).

One thing I’ve always wanted is a better shade of white for my teeth. They’re not terrible and my dentist says they’re healthy. But it’s just me. Whenever I fill the form out at the dentist and it asks: “How happy are you with your smile?” I always circle 7/10.

My delivery arrived in a silver padded package and inside were the two products wrapped in blue glitter tissue paper with a note hoping I like the products.

Janina’s products are definitely worth it

This is where I was fortunate to be made aware of Janina’s teeth whitening products. My favourite out of the two (toothpaste and strips) was the Maxiwhite Super Strength toothpaste. I have a bridge – the reason being that I don’t have the two little teeth most people get beside their two front teeth. I’ve had the bridge fitted for nearly 10 years now I think and I’ve always been conscious of it. Not in how it looks – but the fear that it’ll fall out.

The low abrasion toothpaste means that you can use it every day and not be frightened of ruining crowns, bridges, or your normal teeth.

The two things I found worked most effectively on my teeth just as it stated on the box were: strengthens teeth and controls plaque.

The subtle colour difference was a bonus. But the great thing about this toothpaste is that it makes your teeth feel stronger and smoother. It’s advised to use twice a day and not to rinse your mouth after use for better results. I also have fairly sensitive teeth at the back of my mouth, but the Maxiwhite toothpaste didn’t disturb them.

And my fear became a reality last year. But it had some good going. The dentist glued it back in so I’m kind of waiting for the moment for it to happen again… Surprisingly, Janina’s Maxiwhite Strips didn’t put too much pressure on it to come out or drop lower.

If you’re someone who’s ever been in the same boat as me where you’ve been undecided whether to try teeth whitening products – these are definitely the ones to try out. Thanks to Brodie and Stone for this opportunity.