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Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown brings a lot of challenges for those who are out of/can’t work, belong to vulnerable groups, or have anxiety. There are many changes to adapt to and just when we think restrictions will ease, something else comes along. Have you thought about some activities you can do to keep your mind sane and boredom at bay? Take a look at some suggestions below.

Keep busy with cleaning

Luckily, there’s still something that manages to keep  me occupied day-to-day – cleaning! Anyone who knows me understands how I love to keep my house clean and tidy. Even my baby has gotten used to the sound of me hoovering and pottering about getting bits tidied away. I always find something to do indoors whether it be in the kitchen, living room, bathroom. bedroom etc. I always find something to rearrange whether it’s clothes in the wardrobe, the cupboard under the sink, the medicine cabinet, you name it, there’s always something. Why did I have 6 boxes of plasters in the medicine cabinet, who knows? I love to organise and keep the house clean and tidy so this an everyday hobby for me.

Cleaning the outside of the house however, I leave to the professionals! It’s always good to find a company you can rely on to wash your windows and clean the gutters. I was browsing online recently, imagining what it would be like to have to clean the big houses they have in countries like America. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Hudson Valley understand the importance of keeping the exterior of your house maintained. They offer services no matter the weather – rain or shine.

Take advantage of the time you have to relax

If you’re anything like me and you struggle to just relax and chill, now is the time to understand why you should do it more often. ‘Me time’ is really important. I’ve talked about ways you can relax before. Pamper yourself or take the time do something you usually put aside because you don’t always have the time e.g. reading a new book, starting a blog etc.

Binge watch TV series or films

Okay, I’ll admit, I do this anyway. But there’s no harm is watching more right? Make the most of those Netflix subscriptions. I’m making the most of some girly series at the moment, including a bundle of Gilmore Girls episodes (my 3rd time watching the whole series from start to finish). And as Disney+ is out in the UK, you might as well sign up and be ready for all of your Disney favourites. I’m so looking forward to reliving my childhood!

Do some gardening

If you have the tools available, why not take the opportunity to venture into garden. It’s never really been on my to-do list before. However, since we moved into the new house last year, the back garden has been an area I like to spend my time in, when the weather is nice enough. I’ve had fun tidying the garden, cleaning the patio, and painting the fence. I think it’s important to have a regular tidy of the garden to ensure no pests such as wasps or termites have appeared. In the event of this happening, I would of course look towards a company like to come and deal with the issue effectively, but I do like to keep on top of it myself in order to avoid this.

Keep in touch with family and friends

The most important one on the list. Check in on your family and friends. And don’t forget about your neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable. There are many options such as: a call, text, social media, instant messaging like WhatsApp, video calls e.g. FaceTime etc. Some groups of people are also using quiz/gaming apps to keep them in high spirits.

As miserable as everything seems at the moment, do something that you can look back on and know it was time well spent. Think about the positives and have a forward-thinking perspective to keep you motivated.

17 thoughts on “Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

  1. Very true. In fact during this lockdown, I’ve done so many things at home and I’ve also documented it in my blog. Thanks for sharing this too.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better now. I love that you have included, taking advantage of all the free time you have. I feel this is the best time to just take care of yourself and do things you never had the time to do. 🌻

  3. Thank you, some very practical advice there and I hadn’t thought about spending time doing one or two of them! I like your blog, following you now as I look forward to reading more of your posts x

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