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The Electric Toothbrush You Need In Your Life

Want to ditch your manual toothbrush for an electric one but don’t know what brand? Lisergy kindly sent me the new ION-Sei electric toothbrush, created behind Japanese technology and designed in Germany. It’s advertised to have ‘ionic brushing superpowers’ so immediately it got my attention because anything to do with superpowers, I’m all in!

I’m quite nervous when it comes to using electric toothbrushes because I have a bridge fitted.

ionsei toothbrush next to product box

Gifted by Lisergy

Obviously, the orthodontist knows it’s made for a purpose – to be there to serve as any other tooth and not be pushed out by dental products or everyday eating habits. However, me being me, I still worry. That was until I started to use the ION-Sei electric brush.

I’m very cautious about how my teeth look. I want to eat several cups of tea, eat goodies every once in a while and eat the foods I enjoy. But apparently, getting older means your teeth can get discoloured – yes even at 25 years old?! So I wanted to give this toothbrush a chance to see if it could work any wonders.

I’m currently under a treatment plan with my dentist for the whitening side of things but I hoped the toothbrush would do it’s job in keeping my teeth looking healthy and getting to parts where an ordinary toothbrush doesn’t.

It does just that – removes more plaque and your teeth feel very refreshed after every brush.

toothbrush and dental products

Gifted by Lisergy. The other dental products were not gifted – I purchased them.

Lisergy sent me a soft brush head and two standard brush heads so I was very pleased. It turns out that the standard brush head isn’t too harsh on my teeth even on the highest setting. It’s nice and gentle on your gums too. I 100% recommend using the standard brush head because it removes the extra bits of plaque on your teeth and gives a more sparkling result.

The freshness of brushing your teeth in the evening stays until the next morning and your teeth continue to feel smooth after each brush.

My favourite features about the toothbrush are:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Ultra violet (UV) light
  • The choice of settings
  • Innovative design

For more information about the ION-Sei electric toothbrush visit: or purchase on Amazon. Thank you to Lisergy for this gifted product.

What are your thoughts?

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