river and street view of Amsterdam with reflections

How We Spent Our City Break in Amsterdam

We had the perfect city break in Amsterdam. It was so much more than we expected it to be.

Why did we travel to Amsterdam? Nope, it wasn’t for smoking weed or the Red Light District… although we both had a few questions about the whole thing! I booked our trip to Amsterdam for Danny’s 25th birthday back in May. You’re probably thinking, “What? 6 months later.” and you’d be right. But it gave us something to look forward to and we love to travel to new destinations.

Where did we stay in Amsterdam?

As soon as we arrived at our hotel to drop our bags off, we headed out for a walk in the evening to get our bearings. We were located in the city centre which was perfect. Surprisingly, Old Quarter Hotel wasn’t too noisy at night even though it’s above a pub. The rooms were as expected, not massively spacious but it had everything we needed for the 3 nights that we were there. Each member of staff were friendly. And we couldn’t fault the overall cleanliness of the hotel. It’s a nice place to stay.

Another bonus was being accessible to so many places. Being near Amsterdam Centraal train station was really beneficial for us. People were paying ridiculous amounts of money to go on days out but not us. We find other ways to get there and share the experience. The train station helped us get from place to place with reasonable costs and it was pretty straight forward understanding their transport system.

There’s so much to see and explore on your city break to Amsterdam.

The thought of walking through the Red Light District kinda made me feel uncomfortable at first but then I wasn’t fazed. It’s just part of Amsterdam’s culture. You end up walking past it once you’ve seen it. Amsterdam lit up during the night is so pretty. The rivers, reflections, colourful lights and atmosphere is incredible for photography opportunities.

We spent an entire day walking around the city. The surroundings include many tourist attractions – Anne Frank House, I Amsterdam, shopping centres, tulips, markets, museums and more. Danny really wanted to visit the windmills in the countryside. It was a really dull grey sky day but still so beautiful. It makes you appreciate the beauty in nature even more. I was that cold I thought I was going to turn into an icicle but there were several little shops and cafés where you could get a hot chocolate.

The best part of our trip to Amsterdam…

As exciting as all of the above were, my favourite part of the trip consisted of something else. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know this bit…

We went ice skating! Me… ice skating… and guess what? Neither of us fell over. I’m not sure how we didn’t manage to, especially as I hadn’t skated on ice since the age of 8 or 9 years old. I’ll admit, I was proud. It was so cute because we went in the evening and the outdoor arena was lit up and gave us those festive vibes. Making new memories with Danny is my favourite thing to do. We hope to go on a trip around Europe in a couple of years or so. Now, that, will be amazing.

Have you been on a city break to Amsterdam? What did you love the most about it?

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