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We All Face Change at Least Once in Our Lives

Some people don’t like change but guess what, there’s always going to be something that doesn’t remain the same. I don’t mean the weather or the food you eat tonight for your tea. I’m talking more about employment, relationships, health etc. There’s a consequence to everything that we do.

There are also things we just can’t control but they happen anyway.

Over the past year I’ve heard people facing redundancy more than I ever have before. I’ve seen relationships crumble and others that have rekindled. There’s been sad news affecting people’s health. But do you know what I think about whenever any of these things happen? Hope. Having hope keeps you at an optimistic state of mind. But it’s also important to not get too ahead of yourself. It’s okay to have some of the other possibilities in mind too.

You can look at someone and think they’ll never change, whether it’s for the good or the bad. Or you can look at someone and hope that maybe they’ll work to change just one thing if nothing at all. I’ve always told myself that I’m the type of person who I associate myself with. Through the years, the number of people you chill with, hang with, or call your mates can go down. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any friends or you’re lonely. It means you keep the people who you value and who value you.

Change challenges us all at least once in our lives.

There are things that change every day. And there are things that even though they seem like they never change, can change once in while. The main thing is keeping hold of who you are.

Surround yourself with the people who love you and those who want you to be happy. Situations changing won’t even seem like such a huge thing when you’ve got the best people to support you throughout it all.

2 thoughts on “We All Face Change at Least Once in Our Lives

    1. Thank you! Coping with challenges in general? I’d say to focus on what you’ll achieve at the end of it if it’s something you want to accomplish. Or if it’s something you’d rather not be doing but have to face anyway, think of the outcome and how it can make you stronger. Don’t force yourself to know/do everything at once. Give yourself realistic time frames to overcome a challenge or deal with it 🙂

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