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Why These 3 Social Media Platforms Can Be So Toxic

Social media – it can be a love/hate relationship. I work in a marketing department so I completely understand the importance of social media marketing. However, there’s a side of it which can be so damaging for its active users on a personal level.

Back in the day all I remember is my brother having a MySpace account and one of my friends trying to set me up a profile on Bebo. And then there was Piczo! Oh no. I’d definitely cringe if there was ever any access to that site again. Today’s generation are growing up to be surrounded by social media and it’s actually quite frightening. And that’s what I discuss in this post – the negatives and the effects it can have on you.


Me and my friends created a Facebook account in high school. Although I probably wish I was introduced to it much later. Especially as the other day I was going through my ‘friends’ list and wondering why they’re actually my friends. Do I really know them? Do I have a need for them to see what I’m posting/sharing? And more importantly, would I let onto this person as we’re passing by in the street? The answer to quite a lot of them was no. But years ago you think it’s ‘cool’ to have everyone on there.

Facebook is a social media platform that people love to share their news on e.g. pregnancy, proposals, weddings, moving house etc. But take a moment to think about where you’d post it if there was no Facebook or no social media at all? I like to think that precious moments in life should be kept private. And I also think that vendettas, your life story (unless you want to blog about it of course!) etc. should be kept to yourself. But everyone’s different.

I actually hate some of my old photos/posts on Facebook. That’s why I’ve deleted an awful lot. In fact, even recent ones too. But that’s okay because the best memories are in my mind. And the photos are printed or saved to my laptop. Facebook can lead you to compare yourself to others, just like any social media platform. But it’s also a place where you can share funny memes/videos. So you know, you’re kind of winning!


Without my blog I definitely wouldn’t have joined Twitter. for the life of me I just couldn’t understand what the hype was. But it’s now my favourite social media platform ever. That being said, there are still negatives, just like there are with others. There’s the pressure to look like a ‘star’. You look at the amount of followers, likes, retweets etc. that others get. And sometimes you wonder why your similar tweet didn’t become so famous like someone else’s did.

Instead, for the most part, I choose to enjoy Twitter. There is a lot of competition on there. And people can say anything they like a lot of the time. However, it’s a great platform for gaining engagement for your blog or your business, whatever that might be.

One more negative I can think of though relates to the lives of celebrities. When you see people posting awful things about them. Some people need to remember that they’re human beings not just celebrities. Likewise with non-celebrities, we need to remember that everyone has a story, different things they’ve been through, a life more/less luxurious than others.


Between Instagram and Facebook, I actually don’t know which one I’ve thought about deleting the most. You come to a point where you think, what’s the point? I share photos on Instagram then delete them. I start to find all my flaws in them. Maybe that’s my insecurities. I don’t know. But I do know that the idea of ‘perfection’ is huge on Instagram. Us girls see the most beautiful women – whether the photos are edited or not. You think from time to time, “I want to look like that.”

Then you remember that there’s nothing better to be than yourself. But there still seems to be those people you might check up on and I think “They look so amazing and look at me.” Or you find yourself scrolling through photos of someone who’s been a threat to you, or someone you’d rather not see. You don’t think you’re ‘pretty’ enough.

And then I remember that social media isn’t all bad…

The truth is, across all of these platforms, my blog is able to grow. And we can share empowering and motivating posts/tweets. There will always be people who gain way more followers, likes, views etc. but we weren’t put on earth to for that. We’re here to live our lives and be happy. I do want to say that, it’s amazing when the blogging community is so supportive. It gives you something to thrive for. But it’s also okay to take a rest from it all now and again.

So, social media or no social media in your life, never forget the importance of being happy. There’s already enough pressure in the world e.g. to have achieved things by a certain age, to look different, or to look like everything’s perfect. But please just be you. That’s when you’ll find your version of ‘perfect’.

2 thoughts on “Why These 3 Social Media Platforms Can Be So Toxic

  1. I love this! You’ve highlighted brilliantly the pros and cons of each. I think Instagram is bad for body confidence especially. At the same time there are great points to all. It’s important to find what works for you xx

    1. Thank you, Megan. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this post.

      And I agree with you, Instagram can be a negative influence for body confidence. But hopefully we can continue to enjoy the social media platforms that we love with more positives 🙂

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