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Why I’m Much Better at Letting Things Go Than I Used to Be

Letting things go – it sounds easier said than done, right? Well that’s what I always thought too. Until the last few months this changed. I always used to tell myself not to stress about the unnecessary. But wow, I didn’t listen to my own thoughts on those occasions. If I couldn’t do something – stress. Something unexpectedly happens and the fear of the unknown scares you – stress. Worrying about other people – stress. 

We all know stress isn’t good for us. But we seem to anyway. Take today for example. It’s Tuesday. Eugh, I just seem to really dislike Tuesdays. It’s not as if it’s a day where people annoy me. But it’s the little things. I learnt that sometimes, I just need to relax and just think, “Ah whatever!”

I woke up and got straight in the shower. Afterwards I spent half an hour trying to find something to wear in this hot weather and suitable for work. What a nightmare. I ended up wearing black trousers. But I couldn’t spend all morning stressing over that.

That’s nothing, right? So then something else decided to get to me.

The First bus app wasn’t working. Something to do with cellular connection I think, who knows? So I walked back on myself past my house and to the cash machine. Well, the cash machine wasn’t giving me my money. I stayed patient as I noticed that I missed a bus into town. Eventually it withdrawn the cash and I had to pay for a weekly on the bus. I’m pretty gutted because it’s going to cost me more money now over the month period.

Now obviously I wasn’t the happiest bunny this morning. But I could’ve handled it a lot worse. I just ranted to in a few text messages. I didn’t take my frustration out on anybody in person… not even the people who shoved in front of me on the bus just because they felt like they could. I might have shook my head though. That’s my way of letting things go!

And it’s still ‘nothing’ because it could always be worse.

That’s just a small example. But even after the ‘worst days ever’ I tell myself it isn’t actually the worst. I’ve chose to let go of the never-ending thoughts that can remain in my mind.

Telling myself that whatever happens, happens has worked for once. Perhaps I used to crave attention from the wrong people. Or was trying to be some sort of perfection. Or even someone who never wanted anything to go wrong. Well, there will always be people who come in and out of your life. Nothing’s ever perfect. And things won’t always go as you expect them to. The sooner you realise that, you’ll breeze through your journey of letting things go. 

I feel as though I’m in much more control.

Knowing what/who you want to be in your life really helps. In fact, it plays a huge part. You start to realise what matters, who matters, and those who brought nothing but constant annoyance. Or even, the way you felt like you couldn’t be the best version of yourself because you felt like you had to be something else. It’s funny isn’t it? Simple and small changes can have such a positive impact on your happiness. 

The amount of days, weeks, months or years we have in our future is unknown. That’s why it’s so important to learn to let go of things. You can’t always force things to happen in your life. But remember, you can control how to react to them. And you can make a difference in your own life as well as others’. You’ll feel so much positive energy when you just live, accept things, and be whoever the hell you want to be.

Why don’t you try?

I feel much more confident and believe in myself much more. There were days when I was quite minimal with makeups and effort with my hair. But now there are days where I go makeup free. And I’m not wondering what people think. It makes me feel even better when I do it e.g. on a night out when you dress up and feel nice and girly. Here’s to the rest of the girls out there who have this vision.

10 thoughts on “Why I’m Much Better at Letting Things Go Than I Used to Be

  1. Hey Tasha. Great post! You know, it’s ironic how at times ‘not worrying’ seems impossible, even though it doesn’t really change much. I’m a chronic worrier most of the time, and yeah, it’s not everyday that my personal pep-talks actually work, but consistent effort has proven fruitful. I know I’m not there yet, but at least I’m well on my way to getting control over my worrying. Letting things go and living one-day-at-a-time is one of the best ways of preventing unnecessary stress.
    Thanks you for this post!

  2. Hey Natasha! This post was so encouraging for me, I was just concerned about the way someone viewed me. Your post reminded me that you can’t follow what people think but you can control the way you respond. It’s so important to not let emotions control you but learn to be the best you everyday regardless of things happening because stuff could be a lot worse. Thanks for sharing 🤗

    Natonya |

  3. Yes, letting go is an acquired skill. I found it is easier for me to think about it as letting other feelings in. So if I’m getting ramped up about something, instead of trying to let go of my anxiety, I focus on trying to let peace in. On days when I’m successful, it overtakes the anxiety. On days when I’m not, I also let go of my judgment of myself for not being able to “get over it” – that’s what it all comes down to, I think. Being kind to yourself, even when you are not behaving the way you wish you would! Nice post!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

    1. Ah yes that’s a good perspective, letting other feelings in. And I completely agree that being kind to ourselves plays a part too.

      Thank you for reading and your nice comments.

      Hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂

  4. Gettin your control back, by letting go. That is neat 🙂 I never quite looked at it that way. But upon reading your post, I realize I have been aiming for it too. Sometimes in the middle of the workday I have to tell myself. Stop overcaring over things you have no control over. Just do what you can, and then you call it a day. Work atmosphere can be really challenging sometimes, and when I am tired I feel like I am easily annoyed. I guess getting enough rest for me is also really important because it keeps my mind in a place where I can just enough to do well, but not too much to feel like I can’t handle it anymore.
    Very insightful post!
    Rose –

    1. That’s a really good way to look at it – “Just do what you can, and then call it a day.” Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves. And it’s okay to admit to ourselves that we can’t manage or do everything.

      I think being tired makes all the little things get to us, especially in the workplace. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. Just keep getting your sleep, keep your head up, and remember to smile 🙂

      Thank you for reading, Rose.

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