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Why You Should Give Blood If You Can

Danny has given blood regularly for a number of years. He attends the blood donor centres in Manchester to make his blood donations. He tells us why you should give blood if you can.

When did you decide to give blood and why?

As soon as I knew I was old enough I decided to give blood. I was 16 or 17-years-old.

How many donations have you given?

To date, I’ve given 18 donations – this includes donating platelets. To give a whole blood count, it’s every 3 months for men and every 4 months for women.

How do you feel about giving platelets?

I prefer to give them rather than whole blood now because I have A- blood type which means I’m eligible for platelet donation. 60% of platelet donation go to patients with cancer. And group A platelets can be given to all ABO blood groups.

What are the best places/people that your blood has been donated to that you’re aware of?

All blood donated goes to good places that need it. But knowing it goes to a prenatal ward is a good feeling. Oh and an A&E department too.

Do you think you’ll always give blood given that your health is maintained?

Yes. As long as I can I will because you never know who needs help. And you never know if one day, I’ll need it too.

What would you say to people who are considering to donate their blood for the first time?

Do it. It’s a great feeling knowing you can and that you’re doing something amazing. And what have you got to lose? Ask if you can give platelets. You can give them every 2 weeks and 1 donation goes to 3 adults or 12 children.

Danny will be returning to the blood donor centre in Manchester very soon. Visit the NHSBT website to see if you can give blood and where the nearest donation centre is near you.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Give Blood If You Can

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Even if it isn’t your own story it is always nice to hear other people’s.

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