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My Review of Janina Teeth Whitening Products

This is a gifted post in collaboration with Janina. Before my holiday, a lady called Julia contacted me regarding a review of Janina teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. This was linked into National Smile Month. I’ve always been quite frightened to use teeth whitening products as I worry they’ll damage my teeth or turn out whiter than an A4 piece of printing paper (sorry that’s just not my thing).

One thing I’ve always wanted is a better shade of white for my teeth. They’re not terrible and my dentist says they’re healthy. But it’s just me. Whenever I fill the form out at the dentist and it asks: “How happy are you with your smile?” I always circle 7/10.

My delivery arrived in a silver padded package and inside were the two products wrapped in blue glitter tissue paper with a note hoping I like the products.

Janina’s products are definitely worth it

This is where I was fortunate to be made aware of Janina’s teeth whitening products. My favourite out of the two (toothpaste and strips) was the Maxiwhite Super Strength toothpaste. I have a bridge – the reason being that I don’t have the two little teeth most people get beside their two front teeth. I’ve had the bridge fitted for nearly 10 years now I think and I’ve always been conscious of it. Not in how it looks – but the fear that it’ll fall out.

The low abrasion toothpaste means that you can use it every day and not be frightened of ruining crowns, bridges, or your normal teeth.

The two things I found worked most effectively on my teeth just as it stated on the box were: strengthens teeth and controls plaque.

The subtle colour difference was a bonus. But the great thing about this toothpaste is that it makes your teeth feel stronger and smoother. It’s advised to use twice a day and not to rinse your mouth after use for better results. I also have fairly sensitive teeth at the back of my mouth, but the Maxiwhite toothpaste didn’t disturb them.

And my fear became a reality last year. But it had some good going. The dentist glued it back in so I’m kind of waiting for the moment for it to happen again… Surprisingly, Janina’s Maxiwhite Strips didn’t put too much pressure on it to come out or drop lower.

If you’re someone who’s ever been in the same boat as me where you’ve been undecided whether to try teeth whitening products – these are definitely the ones to try out. Thanks to Brodie and Stone for this opportunity.

7 thoughts on “My Review of Janina Teeth Whitening Products

  1. Thanks for sharing this review with us readers. I enjoyed reading it. You don’t see a lot of reviews out there lately.

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