sunset view in alcudia

Our Holiday in Alcúdia, Mallorca

I recently travelled on a family holiday to Alcúdia in Mallorca. When I was younger I went there so this time was completely different. We couldn’t wait to be in the sunshine (a different kind to sunny Salford at the minute). The thought of a week away to relax, have fun and make the most of a nice break just made us all the more excited.

Flying with Jet2 to our holiday in Alcúdia

It was our first time flying with Jet2 and oh my… the wait. Departing from Manchester Airport, Jet2 boarded us on the plane later than what the screen said and then we had to sit on the plane for a slot to fly out. It was a total of an hour delay. And then coming home we felt like no one wanted to let us know when we were getting on the plane. I think that was only a difference of 15 minutes for take off though. The crew on board were lovely.

Staying at Alcúdia Beach

We stayed at Alcúdia Beach and as you probably already gathered its nearby to the beach but not on the beach. It’s close to the shops, pubs & bars (especially the ones just over the bridge by the river), restaurants and public transport into the old town, the port and bus to Palma. It was basic in some ways but it had everything that you pay for. The only downfall was the lack of options of food in the evening for children. And it also would be been good if there was entertainment specifically for children.

We couldn’t complain though – we were half board so made the most of the food there for breakfast and tea.  Obviously – we love food! At breakfast they had everything – cereal, pancakes, fruit, sausages, bacon, fried eggs, scrambled egg, boiled eggs, beans, the lot. For drinks there were many options again: water, milkshake, orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice and a range of hot drinks. If you are looking to stay here you have to pay for your drinks in the evening (or so we did on half board).

watching the sea waves from the port decking

There’s even more to say…

Personally, I thought there was a variety of dishes to choose from when it came to the evening. One thing I would say is, try the soup! It’s very nice and you won’t be disappointed. I drank water each evening which was around the same price if not the same price as a glass of Coke. There’s also a mixture of options for dessert too. When you’re looking what to have for your evening meal, remember that there are options on both sides of the restaurant.

The pool facility are a large size and are very clean. Our room was clean and maintained by the maids except Monday and Thursday (there’s a notice that they don’t come on these days). Reception and bar staff were welcoming and friendly. When we arrived, it was late at night and one of the men behind reception offered us a drink of our choice and we helped ourselves to some baguettes, ham and cheese. The beds were comfy so that’s important too right?! But Alcúdia Beach staff, please invest in some new pool cues. They’re as flat as anything, some with no tips, and there’s no chalk.

Attractions in Alcúdia and around Mallorca

boats by the port in alcudia

There’s a lovely area near the port that has this crepes stand. Mmmmm they were so nice. I went there twice for a milkshake – strawberry on the first trip and banana on the second. I have this thing on holiday where I go on a hunt to find the perfect milkshake! It’s also amazing for evening photography. We took a walk there on two nights, roughly takes 20 minutes. The views were picturesque. And it was a perfect opportunity for sunset shots on the camera.

We took a glass bottom boat trip, a day trip to Palma, visited the port, and made many more memories along the way in between it all. I for one ate so much and enjoyed it. Letting go off everything when you’re away and smiling your way through the week is the absolute best. I recommend staying in Alcúdia if that’s something you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the resort or touristy things I can help with from experience of Alcúdia.

Have you been on holiday in Alcúdia? Tell me all about in the comments box further down the page.

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