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5 of My Happiest Places On Earth

Happy places, we have them all right? But if you had to narrow it down to just 5, where would you pick? For me, it can wherever there’s sunshine and a nice long beach. It can also be a relaxing soak in the bath with peace and quiet. But I’m going to list the places where I’ve always or ever felt my happiest.

Visiting granny and grandad at the cemetery

The cemetery – a place that used to make me cry between the age of 7-years-old to around 16-years-old. However, as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to make the most of visiting the loved ones that you’ve lost. You wouldn’t usually be sad when you visited them when they were alive. So, it makes sense to think of happy times and remember why you go to see him.

I like to see them on regular occasions whether it be a birthday or anniversary. But I also like to go spontaneously. I’ll think to myself, what should I do today? I’ll go to see granny and grandad. It’s also a place that makes me feel like they’re right there with me, especially when I’m worrying. Sometimes, there’s still a tear but that’s just to show how much I miss them.

Paris (and Disneyland included, obviously)

Paris was my first ever holiday surprise. It was my 21st birthday and Danny came round to mine. We were in the kitchen with my best friend, Faye and he started to video me on his phone as I was opening my birthday card. Hmm… not what people usually do. So I knew there had to be something but never did I expect to find a ticket to Disneyland Paris inside.

The whole trip was absolutely amazing and Disneyland itself was magical. Danny even spent an hour and a half with me in the boiling hot sun in the queue for a photo with Minnie Mouse. Disney fans, it’s got to done hasn’t it? I always look back at a small video on Love Lock Bridge and it makes me smile every time. I was the happiest 21-year-old for sure.


Anyone that read about my most recent trip to Dublin will know just how much I loved it there. The city exploring was great for photography. In fact, we’ve used one of this photos for a wall canvas we purchased from Photowall. The perfect thing about the trip was that, neither of us felt stressed. We were so relaxed and really were at our happiest. Just content to have and be with each other.

I’d definitely love to explore more places in Ireland in the future. The views on trails are hikes are breathtaking. The slushy mud didn’t bother us in the slightest. We had the best laugh ever and chatted, sang, and enjoyed every moment.

Wherever the whole family is around

It’s not that often that the whole family are together. But when we do get together it’s so nice. Just the other day, my two brothers, my dad, and Danny were all in the house at the same time. And I smiled because it was lovely to see everyone together. No special occasion, just sitting there. It’s the small moments that really count. Mum is cooking tea this weekend and is so excited to have all of us there for her and dad’s wedding anniversary.

New York

Ah, the Big Apple. What an amazing city. My first and only time visiting New York was when I was 14-years-old. And I’ve wanted to go back ever since. Maybe one day I will. It really is the city that ‘never sleeps’. Can you even imagine the wonderful photography shots we would be able to get there?! Ah I dream of going back. Returning as an adult but give me a different perspective too. So many more sightseeing activities that we didn’t get to fit in from the school trip 9 years ago.

You can read about all the reasons why I love New York. I’m sure those who have been will agree and will have many more of their own reasons why they love New York.

And who do I love doing all this with? The one place I’ll always be at my happiest is with Danny. Wherever we go together, it’s always an adventure together. I can’t wait for more exploring together and exciting things for our future.

What are your thoughts?

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