My Unique Personalised Order with Photowall

This is a gifted post in collaboration with Photowall. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady named Jennifer. She offered me an opportunity to choose a wall mural or canvas of my choice. Immediately, the idea of a personalised canvas caught my attention as my boyfriend and I are always looking for things to feature inside our new home in the future.

Me and Danny love to do some photography as a hobby. We have a Nikon D3300 and we love to explore wherever we can to get lots of atmospheric shots. Our most recent adventure was our weekend trip to Dublin in February. We were right to think that there’s bound to be at least one photo we could use.

We knew that it would be hi-res too which was a bonus. After being torn between two different shots, we went with a sunset view in Howth, North Dublin.

Placing a personalised order on Photowall

The process is really simple. All you have to do to place you order with Photowall is, upload your photo, enter the size that you would like the canvas to be, and then confirm your order. Don’t worry, you have the chance to preview the item so you can see how it fits. There’s also the chance to view their file size and format guidelines along with the option to choose their ‘Personal Assistance Please’ tool.

The support and guidance doesn’t end there. Once you’ve received your Photowall product, the team provide you with a YouTube tutorial of how to set up your canvas.

Expectations versus reality

photowall sunset canvas in bedroom

I’ve never ordered a personalised canvas before so really, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I did wonder:

  • Will the photo have printed in high quality?
  • I wonder if the material be all flimsy?
  • Will the canvas get ruined in transit to my home?

It turns out that, I had absolutely nothing to worry out. The print was extremely high quality. The material was strong and doesn’t rip. The wood surprised me too – it’s  solid as it’s 3 inches thick and fits perfectly with the photo.

What we love the most about this experience is that, we get to have a canvas up on our wall which represents not only a sunset view, but a really fun day out that we had. We wish for our home to filled with lots of magical memories and this is definitely going to set the scene. But for now it’s been hung up in my bedroom.

We’re extremely satisfied

Thank you to Jennifer for this very kind opportunity. Me and Danny will definitely be using Photowall again. Your customer service was excellent and we couldn’t be happier with the product. Here’s to counting down the days where we get to put our beautiful canvas up in our new home.

Your exclusive discount code with Photowall

To all of my wonderful readers, you can use discount code: NatashaBolgerCampaign2018 for 20% off your purchase. They also offer FREE UK delivery. Prepare to be amazed! Visit Photowall’s website to view all of their products.

What are your thoughts?

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