raspberries and 3 pieces of chocolate

3 Reasons Why I’m Taking Part in Dechox

That’s right, Dechox, a detox from chocolate. The British Heart Foundation are running this campaign with the aim to get people to give up chocolate for the whole of March. To all of you 20,000 dechoxers, think about all the chocolate you can indulge in once it hits Easter Sunday on 1st April.

I have a history of supporting the British Heart Foundation. There are people who face heart conditions and circulatory disease every day. Taking part in Dechox is just a small thing you can do, right? Below are my reasons for taking part.

The research has proven to help those with heart conditions

The British Heart Foundation list over 20 heart conditions on their website. Their Heart Helpline helps to offer advice and information on a healthy heart. If you’re worried about your heart, you can ring the helpline on 0300 330 3311. Their expansive research into diagnosis and treatment has been recognised across the UK. Having lost someone to coronary heart disease, it makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it.

I wish grandad’s heart bypass would’ve lasted much longer

He knew it and so did we. There’s a limit on the time you can have when you’ve had a heart bypass. That doesn’t mean to say it makes it any easier when you lose them. Some people will do their utmost to live the healthiest life possible. And others will want to make the most out of life in their own way. The British Heart Foundation’s research fights for people to have more heartbeats. I wish that grandad’s heart could’ve beat some more.

My blood pressure journey

In 2015 I had a few minor blood pressure problems which lead to a 24 hour monitor and an ECG. I’m not sure what happened in between then and now. But nearly 6 months ago, I began to have blood pressure problems again. I no longer drink caffeine hoping that would help. I came off the pill after 4 years as urgently advised by the doctor in October. Yet, still no change, none of those were a factor.

After many blood pressure readings, I was put on medication which has now been doubled, along with a number of trips to see the doctor and nurse. Today was another one of those days for yet another blood test. I’m sure it was my fourth one in the last few months. This was to check my kidneys are functioning properly. I’m sure they are working just fine but I just hope they’ll be able to pinpoint what’s going on somewhere along the line.

Perhaps it’s hereditary? My beta blockers that I’ve taken for migraines for 7 years, are known for reducing hypertension but clearly my body wants to be different! I seem to have followed dad’s migraine history (but for a much longer period in my life than he did). I have to remember how dangerous it is to stress and worry. And I remind myself of the time when dad had a mini stroke.

Are you participating?

Are you taking part in Dechox? What are your reasons? Show the British Heart that you’re supporting this campaign by using #DECHOX on Twitter.

Please sponsor me

I would be very grateful for your support. £1 can go towards the extensive research that the British Heart Foundation carry out. To do this you can visit my JustGiving page. Thank you.

What are your thoughts?

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