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Valentine’s Edition: 20 Reasons I’m So Glad You’re Mine

You don’t need me to tell you that its Wednesday 14th February – Valentine’s Day. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Oh here we go again. That day of the year where couples are devoting their love to one another.” Go back over 5 years ago, Valentine’s Day was just an ordinary day to me. I wasn’t one of those people who felt depressed because I was single on this one day of the year as well as the rest.

I never had a boyfriend, a date, a bouquet of flowers, a card etc. on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t even one of those kids where their parents would write a card out for them. I probably wouldn’t have understood why if they ever did. So what’s changed since?

As I’ve already told you, I remember the first time someone wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. And even more so, it was so special to me. It wasn’t a random kind of text message. It wasn’t just a “Aww thanks!” moment. Ever since me and Danny got together there have been so many things I wish could’ve happened. But we just have to be glad that we are where we are today and we made it happen through believing in each other and the love we have for one another.

Why I’m so glad your mine, not just on Valentine’s Day but every day

I know you’re someone I can count on

You’re my rock whenever I’m at my lowest or just need a little push

You see me in a way that nobody else does

We can’t argue – we prefer a bit of silence that lasts about half an hour

We tackle challenges together

You’re the easiest person to laugh and joke with, even if it is at me

You look at me like nobody else does

Whenever someone asks me about the future, you’re there

Because you make me happy in every single way

We get the chance to miss each other

And we also get the chance to feel excited

We look forward to things together

We want to help each other chase our dreams

We motivate each other, because we both want nothing but happiness for each other

The one person I always wanted, wants me to

If we made it to where we are today, we can make it anywhere

You can make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world

I know that I can confide it you with no need for embarrassment

I’ve got you and you’ve got me

There’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be

It’s amazing to think that I didn’t think you’d want me for more than two weeks. But when I look back, you asked me several times about being in a relationship. To the compliment you paid me back in 2010 to the many, many more along the way, you’ve everything and more that I’ve ever dreamed of.

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