Dublin bridge and lights at night

Our Perfect Stay In Dublin

Me and Danny took a trip to Dublin for 3 nights. We stayed in a superior room at Aspect Hotel, Dublin ParkWest. See my review on TripAdvisor. We flew with RyanAir and it was short flight as you can imagine from Manchester to Dublin. It was a duration of 35 minutes, both departing from and returning to Manchester. Ever since Christmas arrived and Danny seen that we were going here, we’ve been counting down the days. A trip away is always needed and it’s nice to have something to look forward to together.

Our first day in Dublin

When we woke up on Saturday, we knew that we wanted to make the most of each day. We were going to visit Dublin Zoo but there just wasn’t enough time to do everything. This is one of my favourite trips we’ve ever shared together. From feeling sleepy on our evening flight, we were in such a happy place from the moment we landed in Dublin. So, we decided to explore as much of the city centre as we could.

Luckily, we had a bus stop and a train station just across the road from the hotel. Travelling to Heuston station reminded me so much of ‘Euston’ station in London. But eventually, you can’t start to feel the knowing that you’re definitely at the Dublin soundalike one. The journey was so quick on the train and it was simple enough to purchase tickets and find directions. Of course it was, Danny was there.

We spent the entire roaming around and enjoying sight that Dublin had to offer. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of a pretty city Dublin is?! The sunset views were unreal. We found a TGIs and had a pint of Guinness along with a cocktail. I can’t believe I’ve never tried their Jack Daniels chicken wings. I’ve been missing out! That was the perfect treat to the near-to-end day tip around the city.

Dublin know how to have a good night

We finished the day with a night out because who doesn’t go for a drink when you’re in Dublin?! This place has a brilliant mixture of traditional Irish music, oldies, and new songs. The place we ended up spending most of the night had 4 floors – all a different kind of atmosphere and all so fun and enjoyable.

I love all of our memories together. But this night along with the next day have been two of the best days by far. It’s those small, close moments that mean the most to us. A man actually came up to us after taking a photo of me and Danny and said, “Look at the look she’s giving you. That isn’t no one night thing.”

Danny then replied: I know. She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been together for 5 years.

…and I just stood there and smiled. In my mind I was thinking, yep he’s mine. The guy just seemed so happy for us.

Our second day in Dublin

The next morning we were so excited to head to Howth. We went on a 3-4 hour trail. First we seen the coastal view. I sat down for 5 minutes as Danny took the camera to take photos. I looked around, took a deep breath and enjoyed just how relaxing it really was. I wish I had a place like this to head to whenever I was worried or scared about something. It was absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful.

Afterwards we headed to the main Howth trail. We got muddy but we had the perfect footwear, attire, and lots of water for the journey. So all was good. Once we got to the peak, we took a longer moment than before to take it all in. What a view. It creates those kind of moments where you forget about everything else and just appreciate the scenery and each other.

From a lack of sleep due to the long night the day before, I’d say we did really well. In fact, I’m surprised we even made it. The fresh air was perfect and the breakfast in the morning stopped a hangover from coming on. It was such a special trip for the both of us.

Dublin has been one of our best trips yet

Everyone is so lovely and genuinely wants you to have a good time. It’s fair to say that we spent a fortune just as people said we would. But we enjoyed every minute of it. It really was worth all of the laughs, dancing, smiling, and exploring around.    We definitely recommend this as a city on your to-visit list. Whether you’re a couple like us or friends just looking for a trip. There’s so much to do and you’ll love every minute. See my photos on Instagram.

I wonder where we’ll head to next?

What are your thoughts?

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