snowman ornament under a Christmas tree

The Meaning of Christmas to Me

Christmas, a time for everyone to be merry and feel festive, right? The meaning of Christmas might bring back a sad memory for some but whatever you do this year, I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love. That’s exactly what I intend to do. There are people I miss so much throughout the year and especially at Christmas. I always look back to my childhood and see my face light up when I see them. It’s those kind of things that you hold close to your heart that makes you want to enjoy the Christmas season even more.

Another year goes by but you don’t forget the precious memories

Last year I told you why I was excited for December. Baby John was happily welcomed into the world, I was nominated in the lifestyle category of the public vote for the UK Blog Awards, I had my first experience of being a television runner, and I couldn’t wait for Christmas.

This year has flown by. I feel like I’ve said that for the past few years now. But 2017, seriously, where on earth did you go? I started the year off still knowing that I wanted something more, something better for me. Similar to last year, I’m looking forward to the Christmas break and I made it to the nominated stage of the UK Blog Awards again. Yay! I know nothing will happen from here but it’s still great to see what I’ve achieved.

As a child I would dream of hearing those jingle bells. I would eventually close my eyes and wish the night away. Waking up and waking mum and dad up to go downstairs never felt so magical. One year there was massive Crayola board. Wow I was so happy.

Then another year, there was a purple bike – a proper ‘I’m growing up’ kind of bike. Granny and grandad would put little Christmas stickers all over our presents (the actual presents, not just the wrapping paper). I’ve got a DVD here, which is one of the ones I had converted from a cassette tape. It’s got us all singing, obviously I sound terrible, and the relationship between me and my brothers hasn’t changed. The main thing you can see, is the look on our faces, true happiness. All just happy to have each other.

Let’s make this Christmas just as special

That’s what I want Christmas to be about every year. There always seems to be some kind of stress. Who’s hosting? Who’s making Christmas dinner? Rushing around to here and there. Nope. I don’t want to see that. I want to spend Christmas doing exactly what I should be doing. Being grateful to have all of those people who are in my life. Each and every one for their own reasons. But to live not only for ourselves, but our loved ones who are no longer with us in person.

We spend so much time throughout the year with unnecessary worry, some necessary, but what matters is, having each other.

Why can’t we all just live our lives in the way that makes us happy?

Some people choose to have a new year’s resolution. Maybe mine needs to be to live life more my own way without worrying about what people think. I’ve definitely improved though I’d say. I’ve definitely grown and seen a stronger side to me that stands tall (if that counts for a 5ft, 3 inches and something!)

Christmas is a time to smile, be grateful for who and what you have, and to celebrate that we’re all here today. This Christmas, let’s enjoy the festive songs, laugh, enjoy the food, and have a wonderful day, just as it should be. Put everything aside just for this one day and really take in what it’s about.

Everyone’s got their own meaning of Christmas – what’s yours?

What are your thoughts?

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