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All About Embracing Who You Are

You’re struggling to find the things to embrace who you are. You know when you’re in need of one of those pick-me-up kind of days? I’ve had a few recently but don’t we all? I’ve been told I’m random, weird, and giddy on many occasions. Does this mean I’m an average kind of person? Whilst looking back on old blog posts for some inspiration, I came across one about self-love and I read a couple of particular sentences. I thought to myself, “Wow, who wrote that?!” Sometimes, I need to remember what I tell others, and start to tell myself even more.

Rather than focusing on what you want to be, you can take the time to focus on who you are today. Think about your strengths and weaknesses. Throughout all of your experiences and endeavours, remember that the truest person to be is yourself.

1. Appearance on the outside

Who doesn’t love a good snack? I’ll feel bloated quite often and it frustrates the life out of me. Most of it is about drinking enough water and all the obvious stuff. One thing I wish I didn’t feel, is knowing how uncomfortable you feel and someone making a comment about you eating too many snacks or whatever. It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself, you know. I’ll never go into overdrive where I turn obese. Come on if I get upset when I’m bloated, there’s no way I could let it go any further because I like how I am. And I think others should like who they are too, no matter what shape or size. It’s time to show society how happy we really are on the outside.

Another thing I need to remember is that we never look perfect. You’ve got to stop punishing your mind. When you find something that you don’t like about yourself over and over you’re damaging all the positivity that there is about you. I wrote the following on Twitter the other night and other girls seemed to relate.

The other night before I went out with one of my friends, I told myself that I didn’t like my hair, my makeup, or how I looked in my dress. After trying on over 4 different outfits and deciding I was going with that same red dress again, I just told myself that I’m going out to enjoy myself, not to be cautious of how I look all night. And that’s exactly what I ended up doing (eventually). Embrace whatever look you end up having.

2. The personality and the emotions 

Beauty is a perception. Everyone has their own version of what beautiful is. But do you know what I think the most important part of us is? Our personalities and our feelings. There are so many things you can let get in the way if you don’t try to stop them or try to put them elsewhere. You shouldn’t let anyone put you down for being ‘over emotional’ or worrying too much. Because in fact, it makes you even more anxious. My advice to you is, surround yourself with the people who are true to you and you’ll always be true to yourself.

No number of ‘rating’ or amount of makeup can overpower a personality. The inner you can be the most beautiful kind of you there is. The way I see it, it’s good to laugh, to smile, and to have fun. But you’re going to experience times where you just don’t see it that way. Maybe you’re worrying about too many what ifs, certain people, or past experiences. Let it go. Seriously, only you can set yourself free out of this bubble of worry. Even if someone still has negative perception of you, or just something that you don’t see, why should that stop you from being who you are?

3. There’s so much you’ve got to embrace

To the people who read this, I hope that you really think about who you are. If you’re someone who’s been putting yourself down a lot. Get back up. Negative comments on essays at university didn’t stop me developing my blog. Rejections getting a full-time permanent position didn’t make me feel weak. It only made me stronger. And for that, it lead me to the right place for me.

Being mistreated and judged didn’t stop me from carrying on. Having someone who no longer wanted me didn’t stop me from finding true love. The thing is, many things in life are temporary. Situations and people will come into your life. If something happens that you wish didn’t, turn it into something that can help you be who you really want to be. Don’t do it for anyone else but you.

It’s time for you to love yourself. Embrace who you are. You’re not the average person that you think you are. You’re so much more. Remember, knock-backs only make you get up to fight harder.

4 thoughts on “All About Embracing Who You Are

  1. Really great post and definitely something to think about. We always look at self-improvement and how we can change ourselves, rather an embracing who we are and helping ourselves feel even more awesome! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading this post. I completely agree – let’s start to share all of the positive things 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by. And wow thank you so much – that’s very kind of you. You’ve made my day 🙂

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