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Health Comes Before Anything

For me, health comes before anything else. Just as I explained with how stress can impact your health, you should always consider the importance of your health first and foremost. No amount of money, broken friendships, or work issues are more important.

The people who are meant to stay in your life will stay there. When it comes to money, if you’ve got yourself into an unstable financial position, think about how you got there. If it was something out of your control then fair enough but if you know you can fix it from your own wrongdoing then be the one to control how it affects your future. There’s no better time than now to make a change.

Likewise, if you’re in an unhappy place at work, you might feel as though you’re not in a position where you can just walk out and leave. But if you’ve tried your best and your health is overturning in all kinds of directions, it’s time to think about you for a change.

Self-care and taking some time to yourself

I often talk about self-care. It doesn’t always mean that you need to learn to love yourself. But think about the small things. Those times when you just want some me-time, find time to make the most of those moments. Sometimes, you’ll just need a pamper or chill day. Today as I’m writing this post I think, I’m on my 4/4 days off. And why haven’t I had a single chilled out today to do nothing but a Netflix binge?

Me, mum, and dad have been joined by more family from Scotland again over the weekend until mid this week. And it’s been lovely. Again, it’s the little things that have made us all smile. Spending time together, catching up, and reminiscing on old memories. So I’m not complaining because the time has all been worth it. Especially as I’ve been surrounded by nothing but smiles and laughs. But it’s finally good to get my head down and be writing a blog post as I’ve been wanting to recently.

The discussion of health with my doctor

I’m a reasonably healthy person. I’m lucky to have no major health problems. But the doctor has made me aware of how importance it is to keep it this way. When he asked me have you been stressed about anything? I was thinking, wow no I’m much happier than I was six months or so ago. But then again, he kinda knows if something is up (sometimes). Especially when it’s going to show when there’s no other likely cause of something.

My blood pressure has risen again on several readings, which meant having to go on some tablets to keep it at a healthy reading. And that’s worked well. I’d rather have a normal reading without them but maybe we’ll see what happens in a few months. I go back next month for a check-up and again in a couple month’s time for a thyroid test.

It’s all going to be okay

Other than that, I’m still on propranolol as usual. The migraines and headaches, visual disturbances in particular, still know how to get the better of me. These and my dad’s history (blood pressure, and mini strokes at an early age etc) has led some changes in my health and lifestyle. But if it means a healthy and happy future then it’s all good.

Here’s to another happy and healthy week!

2 thoughts on “Health Comes Before Anything

  1. This is on point. This is exactly a characterization of one of my life’s mantras.

    “The most important person in my life is myself, because if I fail to take care of myself everyone who matters in my life suffers.”

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