LOVE written on paper above heart shape

I’ll Love You Forever

What does love mean to you? It’s always nice to talk about love. The one that’s true. A wonderful, long-lasting feeling. Some people experience the kind where they’re hurt by the ones they love the most. But I like to think about the people who really love me too.

He’s my ‘kind of person’ because he’s like no other…

The kind of people who accept me for me, are the people I want to be around. I also want to be the person who surrounds others in accepting who they are. The people close to me know certain things about me. But it takes a special kind of person to really know you. Do you know who that person is in your life?

If you’ve read my blog before, especially the love or relationships tag, you’ll probably know who that person is for me. You’ll have read about someone named Danny quite a fair bit! If you haven’t, once you do, you’ll probably get it. He creates all kinds of happiness for me. Especially when I’m feeling at my lowest.

The kind that can always put a smile on my face…

Some people don’t see why certain people need to be unhappy. But it’s not that we need to be. Mainly, it’s because we care too much about the little things. Being with Danny has helped me grow into someone who needs to let go of certain things. He helps me to believe in myself like no one else can. We speak to each other on a level that sometimes only us might understand. But that’s for us and no one else to worry about.

Often he’s wondered if he’s a rubbish boyfriend whenever I’ve had something on my mind. He just wants all the worry in my mind to be taken away. But no matter how much things crawl back or new things that appear, he’s there throughout it all. And likewise, I’m there for him too.

To have someone when you achieve something is great. As with having someone there when you’re sad to comfort you, is even better. When that person is someone who you see in your life forever, makes it all the more great. Without a doubt, it’s something you’ve got to hold onto.

Because it’s a love forever…

I want to hold onto him. He wouldn’t get rid of me very easily anyway!

I remember the beginning, well one chapter of the beginning. Those moments where we used to chill doing absolutely nothing. Just being with each other. It’s just as amazing now as it was then. Having that kind of someone tells me that my life is made. Through of life’s serious, silly, and whatever things may come our way, we’ve got each other.

There’s so much more to come our way. And when that starts to happen, these past years will be another chapter completed. Things will get better and our lives together will begin for real. Ah I can’t wait for the day where we have our own home. Picturing that day is what keeps us going as we aim towards that very moment.

Danny, you know this already, I’ll love you forever.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Love You Forever

    1. Awww! I’m glad you have your boyfriend who you feel this with too. Thank you for sharing! It’s always good to know that others have someone who make them feel this way 🙂

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