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Loving Someone Opens Up A Whole New Perspective

Loving someone is so wonderul. Sometimes I wish I could feel a tiny glance of what love life was like years and years ago. I wonder how it felt to go to the movies. A time where people weren’t glued to their phones or other devices. When I imagine music to be an important way of communicating with each other.

Life behind the screen…

Just the other night, John Legend said to the crowd that nowadays people are too bothered about how many likes they get on social media. He’s right. What ever happened to pure love and romance behind a screen? To be fair, me and Danny make it a thing to go to the cinema. His mates don’t have to get it. Neither does anyone else with anything we do for that matter. It’s our life. And we’ll share these moments together.

If you love someone, really love someone, keep the romance alive. Some people seem to think it’s not a thing to do nowadays. But whenever I see an elderly couple holding hands or giving each other a kiss on the cheek, I aspire to grow old and in love like them. You shouldn’t be bothered about what other people think. Especially the ones that think you’re soppy.

Loving someone for all of the little things…

True love doesn’t come into your life every day. So if you’re falling in love right now, accept it. Don’t push it aside. Believe in yourself and believe in the person you’re in love with. You’ve got to give things a chance before you throw away something which could be so amazing.

The day might have come already. They might have known it long before you told yourself to believe it. They might have felt it from the moment your cried and poured your heart out to them. From the first long-lasting look you gave each other. Your laugh. They know and they’ll tell you about all of the little things one day.

You still doubt yourself though. You’ve seen people push you down, maybe not intentionally, but definitely not unknowingly. People will seemingly be your shoulder to cry on and be the complete opposite the next. The understanding types turn into people who just want to come across as though they’re better than you.

They’ve got you

You feel weak for letting certain people in. It’s not something you usually do. Sometimes it can feel like the fire keeps burning. No matter how much water you throw, it just won’t go out. The truth is, no matter what you’ve heard, or seen, you’ve got to be stronger than this. You’ve got to get that bigger perspective back. The one that tells you how it really is.

I haven’t always been the most confident person. But I used to feel a lot more confident in myself than I do today. Communication wise, I’ve improved massively. But I’m guilty of telling myself that I hate a lot of things about myself. Sometimes when I start to feel better about them, the dullness comes back again. Nobody has to understand. But there’s someone who will always comfort you.

Now I think about it. I wish I was the care-free version of me again. But when you’ve got that person who can you lift you up no matter what, the love is real. Do those traditional things with the person you love. Make time for one another. Dedicate a certain day of the month/year where you’ll have your own little tradition.

They love you so why can’t you love yourself?

Let those who pass by talk. Hold each other’s hand. Laugh. Cherish the nights in. Listen to how each other’s days have been, no matter how hectic. Let them lift you in the air. And after it all, relax. Take the moment in and hold each other close.

I like the life I live behind the screen. I like writing about it too, as you can tell. But sometimes I just don’t like me. Criticising yourself can be one of the biggest challenges you face. Without that one person who lifts your head up when you’re looking down, you think you’re alone. They’re always there though. Always. And they’ll tell you there’s nothing wrong with you and kiss you on the forehead.

You’re what they need. No opinions in the world don’t matter. Take all those conclusions and wonders out of your mind. Live and love each other. Do your thing your way.

What are your thoughts?

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