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Why Exercise Is Good For You

Exercise can be fun! I’m not a fitness fanatic or someone who works out a lot. I’m just a young woman who likes to think that a little bit of exercise here and there can make you feel better.

I’ve found exercise to have many advantages on my body both physically and mentally. Whether you prefer to workout at home, go for a run in the park, or go to the gym, it’s what works for you.

There are some key benefits in particular which I’ve recognised exercise has done for me. Here’s 3 benefits that you could experience.

Exercise improves your strength

I used to joke a little with Danny by saying, you’re stronger than me because you go to the gym. Now he says, wow you can tell when you’ve been to the gym. I can finally open them lids on the protein shakers he has! But in all seriousness, I feel a lot stronger.

And I definitely try to make up for the times when I’ve missed the gym, even if it’s using the little weights I have at home. Improving your strength doesn’t have to take hours out of day. I feel that it’s better to do smaller workouts every other day. You find what’s best for you.

You feel a boost in your mentality

Oh we know those thoughts: I feel like a slob. Or, there’s the debate whether to ‘gym’ today. Sometimes I’ve tried to put the gym off but the majority of the time it’s not the best decision to make. There’s nothing wrong with missing it every now and again. But if you keep at it, you’re bound to feel a bigger and brighter spring in your step.

You don’t have to exercise to lose weight. I choose to exercise to maintain fitness and to feel better about myself all round. There were times where I had to conquer my gym fear in order to get the most of the workouts. It hits me a little but nowhere as much as it used to. I feel a lot more comfortable being seen with no make-up, sweating, and looking like a lobster! Who cares?! You’re exercising, not within the company of people at a fancy event.

Exercising helps to reduce hypertension

I went through a stage where my blood pressure went sky-high (stress related the doctors thought). Who knows?! But since exercising, it has helped me to take away stress. It’s such a good method of escapism. Blood pressure is important for everyone. Considering I’m young, I should have a normal level, and be fit and healthy.

Sometimes I want to do cardio and other times I want to use the weights. Either way, I always like to make sure I get my blood pumping around my body.

You won’t always make up raring to go each morning/afternoon/evening, as you may already be aware. But you’ll feel so much better when you’ve finished that great workout. I used to feel rubbish about how I looked compared to others in the gym but now I just go with it and think positive.

You might love swimming, running, or a sport such as basketball. Whatever it is, enjoy it! Try it out for yourself. Remember, you don’t have to overdo it but it’s always good to push yourself a little further than you usually would.

4 thoughts on “Why Exercise Is Good For You

  1. Totally agree with this, I feel so much better when I’ve been to the gym. I’ve started doing my local park run and its made such a difference 🙂 polishedcouture.com xx

    1. Thank you for reading. That sounds good! I’ve always wondered about doing one of those. I’ve only ever ran around the park when I was training for the Great Manchester 10k. I’m glad you get to see the positive impact it can have on you 🙂

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