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How to Discover a Better Version of Yourself

Being a better version of yourself doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It’s simply about being you and wanting to work on yourself.

Let go of all the negative energy

Okay, so, you might still have a little bit of self-doubt in that mind of yours but as long as you’re filling it with more positive energy, you’re doing much better than before. You don’t always know if what you’re going to try out is going to work or take you anywhere, but it’s much better to try and give it all the optimism you’ve got to try to enjoy the journey as best as you can.

Negative thoughts equal on the most part, a very unhappy life. Not only are you damaging your mind but you’re damaging the true version of you that deserves to be happy. Whether you’re poor or rich, small or tall, you’ve got the biggest power of all – leading your happiness onto a bigger and better path.

Smile more

Get rid of the fake smile hiding behind closed doors. Show people your real smile, even if it’s just a little bit more than usual. I prefer a smiley me much more than the ‘down in the dumps, can’t be bothered’ kind of me. That’s because when I smile more, I actually am feeling happier. It really can be the little things that can make such a huge difference.

When I used to worry, I would put it all on myself rather than the people who I was around. Remember that others aren’t always going to see what you see. Sometimes you’re wrong and sometimes you’re right. I’ve learnt that life sure does feel better the more you smile. That’s something I must have got right – people know me for being smiley.

Don’t let go of all your hopes and dreams

I am a big believer in that, having something to look forward to, to fight for, and to be ambitious about, gives life a greater meaning. Dream big, eat the cake, and laugh at the silliest things. While you’re doing all of that, stand up tall (or small if you’re like me) and be proud. Something which I’ve always taken from my mum, hold your head up high.

Sometimes, we feel like we are falling down a huge dark hole or like we are going nowhere at all. It’s going to be like that at times. All the more reason to give life all you’ve got. Crying doesn’t make you weak when you feel like you’ve got the world on your shoulders. But you can show them tears that you are capable of something.

A better road to happiness

Look at me, 23-years-old, in a job I love, have the man I’ll always love, and love the life I live. Life has taken me on many adventures, to Disneyland in Paris, to a time where I didn’t believe everything was going to be okay.

This time last year, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be, I probably stressed the most I’ve ever stressed, and became pretty low. I still wanted to reinforce others to believe in themselves. I had to believe in myself first, and that’s exactly what I did.

The place where I am today feels safe and it feels right. We all experience hurt, mistakes, and wonder what if.

You’ll come to a realisation where you see the importance of looking at the now and towards the future in a more positive light. I’ve seen that something good can come out of something bad. New turns can often make the best decisions. And I’ve actually started to recognise more things about myself.

Why don’t you be true to yourself and discover a better version of yourself?

8 thoughts on “How to Discover a Better Version of Yourself

  1. I loved your positive post! This is exactly what the world needs to see and read is more positivity!! And you’re so right about your points you mentioned! Loved it xox

  2. I love this post💖. I think we have all gotten used to fake smiling just to cover up our emotions and make people think we’re alright. But thinking positively about situations really brings out that genuine smile 🤗.

    1. Yeah it happens more than people think doesn’t it. I used to bottle all of my thoughts up too, and it never helped. So I’ve learnt to open up about how I’m feeling when someone’s trying to help me 🙂

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