Ed Sheeran Performs at the O2 Arena, London

On Thursday 22nd June 2017 the day had arrived for Ed Sheeran playing at the O2 London for it’s 10th birthday. Ed Sheeran is one of the singers that’s on my list of people to see. The list also includes: Beyoncé (who is now ticked off), John Legend, and Alicia Keys.

Travelling to see Ed Sheeran

Usually we would travel by train but this time we had decided to take the National Express bus. Our journey into London wasn’t too bad however the journey home was just… uncomfortable.

I think it didn’t help so much that returning into Manchester, there was one 10 minutes stop for a bit of fresh air, with a lot more drop-offs, whereas, departing from Manchester we only had one stop where we were able to grab a bite to each and stretch our legs.

Once we arrived at London we had a few hours until the show started. We explored the sights of London. Not a lot of photography was taken in comparison to our last visit to London.


We seen a lot the sights prior to this particular trip. Eventually we headed to the O2 a couple of hours before the show began. There were golden stars on the ground leading to where Vernon Kay’s show in association with O2 Priority for people win prizes.

Even people who were not attending the show, or were on O2 priority were present. Some people won prizes like high-end earphones. Others were lucky enough to win Ed Sheeran t-shirts and tickets to the show!

I was a little bit gutted that we arrived extra early, considering the travelling we did on the coach (6 hours and 15 minutes).

We were right near the top. Just to be there was amazing.

Feeling lucky

We were lucky to have these tickets. I remember the day when I finished work and received a text message from O2 to grab tickets for Ed Sheeran at the O2! Once the page changed to ‘confirm your tickets’ I was jumping around the room with excitement. Danny couldn’t believe I had got them.

Before Ed Sheeran was on stage, Fuse ODG sang several of his number one hits including: Antenna, and Dangerous Love.

Seriously, who can be that good singing live and playing a guitar at the same time?!

The one and only Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, that’s who. A different guitar for each performance. Everyone sang along. Ed performance of Nancy Mulligan was an exclusive performance before he played the song at Glastonbury.

My favourite performances were by far: Give Me Love, Bloodstream, Lego House, Photograph (which I sang my heart out too!), and of course Thinking Out Loud.

We are excited to see our favourite singer all over again next year. Nexr time there will be less travelling because it’ll be closer to home.

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