Temple Spa’s Trufflesque Face Masque

Have you ever heard of Temple Spa?  I hadn’t until I came across this luxurious ‘Trufflesque face masque with gold, black truffles & Hydra-plump complex’.

I can get quite scared using new products on my skin, especially my face as I have sensitive skin and I will never forget the day I used a new soap and came out of the shower looking as red as a lobster. And I’ve never really used face masks before, other than the one I got as part of a present one birthday from my friend.

The Trufflesque Face Masque experience

One part of me was wondering if I was going to come out in a reaction, or if the product would even do what’s supposed to do on my skin. Then another part of me couldn’t wait for the masque to arrive to try it out.

Temple Spa delivered the masque to my address very quickly after communicating via email. The product arrived in a cardboard box packing with the Temple Spa logo on the front. As I opened the box ‘Summer Glow-How’ products were featured on a yellow glossy little booklet so the vibrant colour stood out to me straight away.

Temple SpaTemple Spa

As I opened the box fully, the face masque was presented in its box wrapped in blue tissue paper, and 3 Temple Spa sweets on top.

The box and packaging are luxurious before you’ve even tried the product out.

The ultra-hydration and radiance masque is swirled into a golden glow masque to apply to the skin (face and neck area, making sure you avoid contact with your eyes) with a mini brush provided in the box. Once you’ve applied the masque onto your face, you leave it to work its magic for 15 to 20 minutes, then massage onto your skin and leave for a further 2 to 3 minutes.

Temple SpaTemple Spa

To remove the masque you can use a damp muslin cloth or flannel then rinse with warm water. The masque wasn’t hard to remove. It wasn’t sticky or too harsh on my skin. It has left my skin feeling silky smooth – the perfect treatment that my facial skin needed right now.

I’m so surprised that my skin didn’t tingle or turn the slightest bit red like it has done with other facial products.

This Trufflesque masque is your go-to product for the ultimate me time. To see full details about the product including its ingredients and instructions, click here.

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