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Why You Should Learn to Love Yourself

Last night I sat down and was wondering what to write about for my next blog post. One topic that came to my mind was self-love. Something that many of us don’t do enough of. And why? Perhaps they don’t see their inner or outer beauty; maybe they compare themselves to others too much; or maybe they only see the things they could have done better.

Here are my reasons as to why you should start to love yourself.

Just because you don’t see that you’re beautiful doesn’t mean you aren’t.

Okay so you don’t have to love everything about yourself. I could name a tonnes of things I dislike about myself. But I’ve started to realise that it is so important to love yourself. Being yourself is the best person you can be and if you’re happy with you, then you’ll be much happier with everything around you.

For me anyway, I’ve found that taking more credit from others, and taking that compliment every once in a while, is something that deserved to be smiled about.

Too many times I’ve put myself down. And do you know the main cause of this? It’s been through comparing myself to others. Just because other people are beautiful doesn’t mean you aren’t. There are going to be times where people are given more comments than you. But someone might think them of you too, or even more. Maybe they’re too scared to tell you.

I remember a time when I would feel like I couldn’t live up to other peoples’ lifestyles, I worried that I wasn’t the right person to be introduced to their friends, and I’ve uncomfortable on many occasions. But now I wonder why I was ever like that.

If they can be them then I can be me, right?

Don’t let a celebrity photo dominate your thoughts on how you look today. I am sat here right now with wet hair in a messy bun and my Winnie the Pooh pyjamas. That’s the real cosy me.

Once I began to open my eyes and see me for me and nobody else, I started to enjoy life more.

Your perspective on things become a lot less stressful. You just let things be how they are. Don’t let anybody tell you what colour your hair should be. Go wild if you want to. I definitely couldn’t pull of rainbow hair but have you seen some of those girls who can? That’s because they’re happy within themselves. They don’t pay no heat to other peoples’ opinions.

Believe that person who thinks you look good today, enough if you feel like you’re having one of those ‘this about as much effort as I felt like making this morning’ days.

Spots. Oily skin. Dry skin. Scars. Wrinkles. Whatever you think makes you look less attractive, tell that voice inside you to go away. There are so many other features you can be thankful for.

Everybody has their own version of success, in their own time, and on their own path. Don’t differentiate the amount of success you’ve achieved to another. You’re doing great even if it doesn’t feel that way to you.

There’s one person I’ve probably frustrated so much when I saw the ‘worst’ parts of me that weren’t even always there. When you accept how much someone loves you, and truly loves you for your inner and outer nature, you feel like you can take on anything. That doesn’t mean to say that you always need someone to make you feel that way. Without a doubt, you’d have that on your own.

When a person who truly loves you, sees that you start to believe in yourself, it makes them feel happier, and for some, it can make them love you even more.

Don’t let anybody’s negativity drive you away from believing in yourself.

Take it as a step to boost yourself higher. A little love isn’t too hard to give.

Think of three positive words to describe yourself. I believe that I am resilient, friendly and creative. I’m resilient because I continue to conquer through the biggest challenges and not let go. I am friendly because I like to offer a smiley face to others and have a positive attitude. I am creative because I like to think of something new – something different.

Take a moment to see the goodness in you.

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Learn to Love Yourself

  1. A very beautiful and inspiring post ….definitely keeping this for a daily reminder☺
    And you’re so right we’re all unique in our own little way otherwise the world would be boring with just one.
    Inner beauty is the most important and matters the most

  2. Beautiful post 😊.Thanks for inspiring us .You are so true that we all are beautiful .All have something unique in them and the inner beauty matters the most .

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