My Top 3 Innovation Developments of Technology This Year

Time definitively seems to go faster the older you get. There are many things which are always developing in the world. And one thing that continues to develop over time is technology innovation.

Just as the Innovation Company illustrates, innovation has grown increasingly over the past six decades in terms of consultancy, outsourcing, and leadership.

With this in mind, I would like to highlight three areas of technology which has transformed our lives, from 2016 to now more significantly.

Online banking

More of us are on our mobile phones more than any other device. The majority of people from the age of teens seem to have a mobile phone, an iPhone being a very popular model of purchase. When I was younger, I remember when I used to get cheques for my birthday and now everything seems so much easier when it comes to transferring money and making payments.

With access to the internet and your banking app on your phone, you can access your statement, transfers and payments, including any saving or other accounts you may have. Once a payee has been set-up, within a couple of clicks you can transfer money into their account and the money goes through immediately. So much more convenient than waiting for a cheque to pay out or going into the bank in the long queue, or the days when the systems are having technical difficulties.

Apple Pay

Likewise, the fast and convenient method of Apple Pay is great for many people. It’s a secure method as the risk of somebody seeing your bank card details doesn’t need to be a concern. Transactions are simpler with a quick swipe within seconds. There is the limitation that you can spend £30 per each transaction when using Apple pay. However, unless you’re going on a massive shopping spree in one store, you’re fine.

Similarly, there’s Android Pay where you can use your fingerprint to show that you are the authorised user of the card that is attached to the phone or tablet.

360 degree footage

Over the past couple of years especially, selfies have become very common. Whether you’re capturing a moment on holiday, in the workplace, or something new that you want everyone to see, many people are doing it around the world.

The 360 degree option is great if you want to show a response to an event, or a scenery that’s so picturesque, as most as possible deserves to be seen. I particularly love the views that are shared on Facebook when somebody posts a view from a particular height and it shows you more than you could ever fit into one, two, or even three single photos.

To see the transformation from decades ago when there were black and white static photos/moving image to this technique that we have available to us now is amazing. You can simply take a panorama on your iOS or Samsung phone, use an app or a 360 camera.

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What are your thoughts?

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