Missguided’s BABE POWER Exclusive Launch

Missguided partied the night away in celebration with Menagerie Manchester, The Fragrance Shop UK, Vital Management, for their exclusive launch of BABE POWER.

The iconic Missguided brand held the event to promote their first fragrance launch BABE POWER. The fragrance is designed for women to experience a feeling of strength, confidence, and femininity. Missguided collaborated with Per-Scent to reveal this exciting new fragrance, which has a mixture of scents to its allure including grapefruit, sour cherry, apple, and pink pepper.

The exclusive product has a unique design in a rose-gold chrome can, with a ring pull spray button and ‘press for good vibes’ slogan. The design aims to be fun, different, and bold.

Missguided BABE POWER

The founder and CEO of Missguided describes the experience of the lead-up to the launch in association with Per Scent:

We are very excited to be launching our first fragrance, BABE POWER. It has been a pleasure working with an experienced company like Per-Scent who have an in-depth knowledge of the fragrance market and have proven to be an invaluable partner for this project.


Being a blogger, I was very excited to be attending this event but also quite nervous as I had never been to one like this before so I didn’t know what to expect. But from the moment my friend and I arrived and waited outside for the night to begin, a member of staff greeted us in a friendly and professional manner, provided us with a wristband each and directed us through to the event.

Menagerie was definitely the perfect venue for the event

It was the right size for the capacity of people, including celebrities from Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale.

babe power

The beautiful Menagerie Restaurant & Bar was filled with rose-gold, and pink everything. Menagerie perfectly connoted the message behind the fragrance with BABE POWER balloons, a huge model of the product, a choice of cocktails including one relating to one of the most independent women we know in the music industry, Beyoncé of course. The list included Sasha Fierce, Unicorn Tears, and Babe Liquor.

After our first drink, my friend and I decided to fit in a little more and have the side of our faces glittered up. I couldn’t believe how quick it was completed and the rose gold, and dark pink tones perfectly complimented my dress. My friend, who is also called Tasha, went for lighter colours of silver, purple, and blues to go with her white top and blue denim jacket.

Drinks were handed out on arrival with candy floss on the top of the glass along with free drinks at the bar with the cocktails included above until 8.30pm, when the after party had then begun. Food was also delivered throughout the evening with hospitality from Menagerie including sweet potato fries, veggie burgers, and chocolate coated strawberries. The sweets that were available all in pink, were lovely too.

The music and entertainment were perfect

They contributed to giving BABE POWER it’s sensual, exclusive atmosphere for the evening.

The hospitality of Missguided, Vital Management, and Menagerie Manchester was fantastic, and the collaboration of Per-Scent and Fragrance Store UK made the night the wonderful experience that it was.

Thank you to all who were involved, and a big thank you to Laura from Vital Management to inviting me along to the event.

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