My Thoughts About 13 Reasons Why

After hearing so many good things over Twitter about 13 Reasons Why, I decided to give it a watch. Little did I know that I would  finish the whole season by 3.00am this morning!

Wow this is the most amazing, thought-provoking series I’ve watched so far on Netflix.

If you think you’re about to watch a typical teenage/adult series about relationships and school life, you’re wrong. There’s so much more to it underlying that’s really important for people to see. There’s a lot that can be going on in someone’s life that others might not be aware of. Or even still, they might be aware but either don’t want to or sadly don’t have the courage to help.

Sometimes, the signs of the pain from someone will always be there but people either fail to recognise them or the sufferer will push away the ones they love the most. Others are left questioning if they ever did enough.

I don’t want to go into the storyline too much. You’ll be captivated from the first moment you begin to watch the drama. What I will tell you is that, there’s a young woman named Hannah, played by Katherine Longford who tells us her journey through 13 reasons why she wants to kill herself.

Before you think, ah that’s not my thing… give it a watch and you might be surprised at how moving and engaging the series really is.

The way the story is told through Hannah and Clay’s (Hannah’s classmate, portrayed by Dylan Minnette) dual narrative is truly heart-wrenching. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry. Each and every little part of the episodes hold a meaning, which convey several messages to the audience.

I’d like to share what I learnt from 13 Reasons Why.

People hurt differently

There could be ten people in a room who have all been hurt, but it can affect each and every one of them differently. Some people might shrug it off. Others may be damaged mentally.Some will be disturbed when it comes to doing the physical things. But there’s one clear message that, everyone has more going on that what meets the eye. You don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Some people are more sensitive than others, and it’s what we do about it when we see these people hurt that might change a decision they have.

Unfortunately bullying still exists

You would think that in this modern world we live in, bullying wouldn’t even cross peoples’ minds anymore. But sadly it does. It happens in both child’s and adult’s lives in today’s society. It’s sickening to see the consequences it has on victims. To belittle someone, to hurt them physically and/or emotionally is unacceptable. It’s so disheartening when words and actions play a such a negative part of a young person’s life. Or anyone for that matter.


Should you accept that somebody raped you with good reason? No, certainly not. However, some victims are made to feel as though it was their fault – ‘giving the signs’, not screaming no, being drunk etc. What right does that give any person to abuse the nature of another by hurting them and doing something you know they aren’t ‘asking for’.

Should you change who you are to be in with the crowd? Again, no, definitely not. However, teenage life definitely involves this motion today just as it did in the past and it may well do so in the future. We are all human and I don’t think it takes too much effort to be kind to someone no matter how they look. You don’t know what they’ve been through.

13 Reasons Why give their representations

Hannah Baker accepts all the bad decisions that she had made and it’s heart-breaking to see what she goes through. She felt neglected at times, lonely, known for a false and misinterpreted reputation. She was a young woman who simply wanted to live a happy life and feel loved.

Sadly, not everyone gets this feeling. And I think Katherine Langford deserves so much credit, alongside Dylan Minnette for how they portray their roles so real life-like.

Many of the girls in the series love that they are on the ‘best’ part of the best and worst list. However Hannah is different. She sees how belittling it is and how it objectifies young women like herself. People take advantage of seeing her on the list. And they think they can insult her verbally and physically.

What do you think? Could you accept those 13 reasons as to why Hannah Baker killed herself?

8 thoughts on “My Thoughts About 13 Reasons Why

  1. I watched it also and was very moved. To me, all the children in the show had secrets, and their pitfall was keeping things to themselves. I loved Hannah and Clay, but also always adore Kate Walsh as the mother. I know teenagers keep a lot of things to themselves, but it’s important to know when to tell a parent, a teacher, or counselor what is going on. The counselor in the school was also severely at fault. I felt terribly sad for the parents. How does one move on after the death of their only child. It was all so gut-wrenching. I didn’t sleep for three nights after watching this truly realistic series.

    1. Yes, Kate Walsh definitely played her character really well. I read an article the other day that she spoke to mums in real life who had lost their children to similar situations so that she was able to get a feel of what it could possibly feel like. I agree that it’s important to always let someone know. Perhaps if she would have felt a little more willing to live, there would have been a voice in the back of her mind to tell her to go to someone. It makes you think about all sorts doesn’t it. Very powerful series.

  2. I literally hated this show. I understand bullying and everything that Hannah went through, but I feel in the show she was simply blaming everyone for her ultimate decision. Not once throughout the whole show did she seek help, she simply felt bad for herself and wanted to make everyone else feel just as bad with those tapes. I’m not saying peoples actions didn’t effect Hannah, but they didn’t “kill her”. It’s almost like she was waiting around for Clay to make her feel like her life was worth living, instead of taking matters into her own hands and actually trying to get help for herself. That sends such a terrible message; don’t wait around for other people to make you feel better, because no one but yourself can do so. No one else created the mental state for her she was in, but yet she’s trying to make it that way. This show overall sends a super terrible message; that you can blame everyone else, that instead of seeking help you can end your own life, amongst many other things.

    1. I agree that she put a lot on Clay and made it look as though all the people included in the tapes killed her. However, I don’t think she found it easy enough to seek the help. That’s one thing people from the outside can struggle to see at times. It could be a lot harder in some people’s situations. But I think the whole show gives different connotations to the audience. I think we all take something different from it. I don’t think they killed her but I think due to her mental state she put all of those reasons together and couldn’t see a reason for living. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I watched it Tasha, and convinced Ellie to watch it and also a girl in work, I watch this things like this to give me an insight into teenage angst, as you know its a long time since I was a teenager, things have changed so much in some ways yet not in others, but I am shocked that Ellie (17) and Amy(19) did not have much sympathy for Hannah’s character they both found her over dramatic in each situation.

    1. I was the opposite. I felt the sympathy – I thought about how people’s minds work differently to one another and how the little things for one person can be a big thing for another person. I was so engaged watching it and found it to be really thought-provoking. I think she could have held on to Clay more as he was only ever really the one who truly listened to her, although at times he dismissed the signs.

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