5 Things I Miss From the School Holidays

Ah, the school holidays. One minute you’re a kid and you’re splashing around the pool, running up and down the street, and not having a care in the world.

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Then you’re learning how to read and write and the biggest stress on your mind is having the right colours for school and that fashionable pencil case (or was that only me?) I remember my Barbie lunchbox and I am proud.

Then you wake up another day, you’re planning towards your GCSEs and you’re trying to understand science whilst you’re well ahead with those maths exams. I was told that usually if you’re good at maths you’re good at solving equations in science. Nope. That wasn’t my case.

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Your GCSEs pass and then you find yourself attending college which is way more difficult than you expected it to be, if you found it to be how I did. University has come and gone before you know it and you no longer have an excuse to not be an adult. This is your time to adult. Job seeking and independence becomes your maturity level of the adult you.

There are more stages I have yet to complete such as moving out, but when you think of how far you’ve come already it’s great to reflect on those childhood memories. The times when everything seemed simple and relaxed. Let’s go back!

Playing ‘edgy/kerby’

What did you call it? I used to always worry about those extra points (made up from your own rules) when it was your turn to throw the ball over a call going past.

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I would play endless amounts of this game from the morning right through until the end of the day. It was so much fun, especially when mum would join in or her friends. It felt extra good when you hit the kerb and you caught the ball as it was returned to you.

10p mixes

How much does a ‘10p mix’ cost nowadays? Do they still exist for another price? How much does a Freddo cost these days? I actually miss loads of sweets in general.

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There used to be these little dolphin sweets I loved and I always wanted them from the shop at the bottom of my street. Then there were those snakes that I loved. Aw, the days.

Morning television

Before a day out I loved watching cartoons and morning kid’s shows. Whenever there were days like the times granny and grandad used to take us to Southport or Blackpool, I would sat there ready – all washed and dressed about two hours early and be sat watching Tom and Jerry.

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I remember on weekends too, I’d be mithering my mum to iron my clothes so I could go and out and play… this was about eight in the morning. I’ve always been an early riser.

Knocking on for your friends

I would knock on for my friends and do absolutely anything or nothing in the day and still have a great time. I miss those days where you could just walk around and have a nice day spending time with each other.

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Now when it’s cold, I don’t want to go outside. Remember you used to ask your parents if your friend could stay over or have tea, and vice versa?

The excitement for food

I used to get so excited when the ice cream van came around. Whether I was at home, my grandparents’ or auntie and uncle’s home, as soon as I heard the noise I ran outside, sometimes forgetting that I actually needed the £1 to purchase something.

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Mmm… 99 with a flake AND strawberry sauce. Or a screwball, or a twister lolly. Oooo or a zap lolly. Getting a happy meal from McDonald’s was an absolute delight. And if I am going to be totally honest, I’ve purchased my own happy meal before now (so what if I’m in my twenties?) The excitement for food will always live on as will the sight of me running around foolishly dancing and singing.

What do you miss about the school holidays?

6 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss From the School Holidays

  1. Great post! I don’t think you can get 10p mix ups anymore… I know you definitely can’t get penny sweets anymore 😮

    Freddos are also probs like £28285282 or something now too!!

    This has brought back so many memories, I call it kerbie too 🙂

    Love Luce x


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