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Review of Beauty Products from PurePotions

I am excited to share this this gifted product review with you as I have never reviewed health/beauty products before until now.

Purepotions is ‘The home of natural creams, ointments and oils’. I decided that their products would be great to view as I am one of those women who can get quite a bit of dry skin and I also have very sensitive skin.

Jess from Purepotions had the products delivered to me very quickly and I could not wait to try them a few times to then be writing about them right now.

The three products I reviewed are Bath and Body Emollient Oil, Daily Moisturising Cream, and Intensive Moisturiser Treatment.

200ml Bath and Body Emollient Oil

What I particularly love about this oil is that it doesn’t contain any perfumes and it’s 100% natural. That’s exactly what you need when you have sensitive skin and tend to come in a rash over the littlest things.

As I added the oil to my bath it began to swirl around the bath and I only had to use a little bit at a time for it to fill the whole space. As soon as I got into the bath I felt how silky smooth it felt on my skin. It’s one of the most relaxing remedies I’ve ever used. Not only that but it helps to hydrate my skin and protect it from being dry.

Available at £10.60 *Special Offer*

100ml Daily Moisturising Cream

This product is 99% natural. A lot of the time, my skin can become really itchy and irritated. When you apply this moisturiser and leave it 24 hours to soak in, you’ll be amazed by the results. I’ve been using this product for a week, and there’s still plenty left in the tube for future use.

I tend to get a lot of dry skin at the top of my forehead near my scalp and it’s come in so handy to have as it clears the dry skin area so quickly. I don’t usually like to use a hairdryer but it has worked wonders when I have done.

Available from £13.99

Both of the above products are also suitable to use on babies.

60ml Intensive Moisturiser Treatment

What an amazing 100% natural product. For the past year or so, I’ve been getting a rash on my chest, which is like eczema, and I get so frustrated trying to find something to get rid of it. With a little spot of your finger, if you place it in the affected area, it helps to get rid of the bumpy, rash part of your skin.

You simply rub between your finger tips to then spread across the affected area of your skin.

Available from £7.99

Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars

Remember to check the ingredients before using these products in case you’re allergic to anything. I would definitely recommend Purepotions to you, especially if you’re anything like me and suffer with dry skin. Check out their blog:

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