Your 24/7 Music News Magazine

Have you heard of Get To The Front? They are your 24/7 Music News Magazine.

If you visit their website there’s lots to explore – music news, reviews, purchase tickets, read their blog, enter competitions, and you’ll come across many ways you can contact and communicate with them.

Whether you’re looking for a place to read more information about V-Festival, links to the latest music videos, or see people’s reviews on pop stars like Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s recent performance, this is the place to find it all.

With over 10,000 followers they’re a hit that cannot be unnoticed. With a variety of pop stars and groups from over the years, from all kind of genres, it’s great to have such a variety of talent to listen to, read about, and contain excitement as you finally get those tickets you’ve been waiting for.

If you have a look across their range of reviews, you’ll come across singers that you might not have heard of before and you begin to learn more about them and in some cases, you might even begin to like their music. One of my favourite reviews is the one about bestselling albums of the 90s. Being a true nighties fan, I definitely loved more than one of these albums – especially Spice by the Spice Girls.

The content and layout of their website makes it really easy to navigate

There’s a lot of social interaction as social media platforms are included on the homepage; professional images, and language is used to attract their audience; and their blog is amazing.

Check out 5 Reasons Why Music is Good For You. I can heavily relate to the fact that music opens up our minds, and it certainly helps us to remember things. I have an endless list of songs which remind me of all kind of memories, people, and places.

If music and entertainment is your kind of thing, check out their website and follow them to stay engaged.

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