5 Things to Remember in Times of Worry

We all worry. Even the people who you wouldn’t expect to worry, have worried at least once in their lives. But for some of us, we know the feeling much too well.

Tomorrow is a new day

What happens today doesn’t have to be brought into tomorrow, but if it does, show it how you can beat it. Look back and ask yourself, where has worry ever got me? My answer for this would be that, it has only lead to a lot of headache, unnecessary dragged out what ifs, and gloomy days.

If something has got to you today, tell yourself to wake up tomorrow, smile and say I’ve got this. Sometimes, it can be a lot harder when other peoples’ opinions can get to you but if you’re doing what makes your day best for you then keep at it.

This is your life

When we become older we have the responsibility to make choices for ourselves, which can be harder for others to accept. I’ve driven myself crazy when I feel like I’ve disappointed someone, then I think, wait, what am I doing? I want to be me.

So just like today, there was a point where I felt a little like this, and no way is tomorrow going to get in the way of me feeling like that again. Unless it’ll be caused by something new… but hey, I’ll deal with that once and if it comes to it.

Happiness and health is important

Happiness is a healthy you and a healthy you is a happy you. If something is drastically worrying us with our health, it can only make matters worse if we stress and become too worked up. However, if we accept what’s happened and work towards making it better, or at least knowing you’ve tried to, you can smile and be proud.

I’ve gone round in circles – I will worry quietly in my mind, then I will stress, then I feel weak, mostly get upset or get a migraine, and there have been occasions where my blood pressure has risen. It hasn’t been explained but knowing how much I’ve worried is a factor to be considered.

All in all, negativity can try to overpower us, but only if you let it. It can control your mind but if you be strong, you can face any challenge that life throws your way.

Learning to love yourself is necessary

We all have a story to tell, which may or may not consist of things you don’t particularly like. Perhaps it’s through wrongdoings, your physical appearance, struggling to adapt to change, experiencing traumatic things etc. But everything that’s happened in your life is what has shaped you into the person that you are today.

For while now I’ve thought that, people don’t often take me seriously or they don’t believe that I am capable of being so independent. Just because I don’t show it in all the ways they would like to see, doesn’t mean I am unable to do it.

We are learning new things every day and I think learning how important it is to love ourselves isn’t something that’s emphasised enough. Why should we torture our minds that have been given to us, telling ourselves we aren’t attractive or we aren’t good enough? Also, why is it that, the media conveys so many messages about appearance? What ever happened to the quality of having a beautiful mind rather than the perfect physique or skin?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have flawless skin every day and feel the need to eat and eat without a massive elephant bloat like feeling, but I’d much rather be happy, enjoy my food, and try to be active where I can.

I’ve hated dry skin, spots, scars, and all sorts but there are in people in world who lose their hair, their sight, and their personality to many illnesses that exist.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up for not looking or acting like someone else, the best you can be is yourself.

Surrounding yourself with the right people helps

Be around the people who appreciate you. Be around the people who support you. And be around the people who make a positive impact in your life.

Many of us have experienced occasions where our loyalty, trust, and respect has been neglected. But it’s knowing who those people are that bring out the best in you. And this can be a small group of people.

Those kind of people always make my days of worry that little bit better.

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