Catherine Talks About The Fear of Rejection

Yesterday I spoke with Catherine about inner child-like qualities and the power of underestimating ourselves. A question has been growing in her mind, “Why do some people grow up and become adults and why do some people never quite make it?”

Most of Catherine’s friends are younger than her

She doesn’t feel like she’s too immature… although she said, I am at times. Personally, as someone who knows Catherine, I see a woman who has many wonderful qualities. I admire her in the way that she wishes the best for the family and friends. She always wants them to be happy and being herself is exactly what makes us happy. She is one of the bubbliest people I know and she can uplift someone’s mood as soon as she enters the room.

Catherine’s thoughts about the subject leads her to worry if her actions are holding her back. As professional as she can be, she’s wonders if it’s down to her young ways that she is being held back. Having worked in retail for years, Catherine has been told that she can be a leader and that she could be a manager. However, having a phobia of progressing and trying new could possibly be holding her back from trying such new opportunities.

There are times in work when Catherine feels as though she is the only one who does particular things

For example, she explained that, “…anyone can walk behind the tills and not do what I do. I’m just silly sometimes.” Well, aren’t we all? If I counted the amount of times I’ve done the silliest things in public, or even in the workplace, we would be here forever. Quite frequently, I will ask someone how to do something because a certain method isn’t working, they’ll come over to my desk and prove me wrong.

Catherine considers herself to have a fear of rejection. Sometimes this feeling can come from what people expect us to be rather than what we really want to be. We live in a world where there are so many expectations of who/what we should for a certain gender, age etc. and there are an endless amount of people in the world that we feel the need to compare ourselves to.

This really made me think about the times where I have had a fear of rejection at different stages of my life. I had a fear that I would be rejected by certain girls in high school. It turns out that on that occasion I was right to have believed I was never going to be part of the crowd and they ended up being the girls who I experienced many encounters of bullying from.

However, there can be times when our fear of rejection is holding us back from the good things that can happen in life. You just need to hold on and believe that you’re deserving of it. Mostly, believing in yourself that you’re good enough. I always struggled to believe that I was good enough for Daniel and look at us now. I struggled to believe that I wouldn’t ever gain the media/writing experience I have. In the end, you want to be able to look at yourself and say, you’re not going to stop me.

Beat that fear of rejection and show it where to go!

Additionally, it can be said that the people we associate ourselves with can have an influence on our actions. Catherine said that she has always steered towards younger people. Growing up, her younger sister’s (Carol) friends were her friends. There is a one year difference between Carol and Catherine, Catherine being the eldest. But she struggles to understand how hers and Carol’s mind sets are so different.

These things do not define our professionalism or independence. In my eyes, being a little lighter hearted and fun is the best way to be. Of course, we know when to take life seriously but there’s no harm in being who we are. If people can’t accept it or judge you, that’s their problem. I’ve learnt that we shouldn’t let peoples’ perceptions bother us too much. It’s been such a difficult thing for me to do so I could understand that Catherine has such feelings even if they are in a different kind of way.

Expressing her feelings further she said, when I try to act differently I offend people. Truth is, some people are always going to be offended by smaller things whereas others will have a bigger tolerance of hearing the other meaning of phrases.

Catherine – remember that saying you like the sound of: Dream, believe, achieve!

That’s exactly what you should do. I think the biggest hurdle for you is believe. You’re an outgoing person, you’ve dealt with things other people haven’t, regardless if you believe you handled them in the right or wrong way. You definitely have a big heart and that’s much more important than taking on the worry of offending people. See what you’ve done already – you’ve taught me something here.

Catherine knows where her responsibilities lie, she has always loved and cared for her children, and she’s always worked to provide for her family. If I was Catherine, I would be so proud. I believe she’s a strong person, no matter how emotions show on the inside to others. We’ve all had emotional downfalls – some of which like to show their emotions more openly than others.

Thank you to Catherine

Not only for opening up about her feelings towards her own qualities but for listening to me. I felt a sense of relief after talking to her yesterday. I discussed things that had been on my mind recently and how I’ve had a tendency to worry about what people think and we come to a decision together that we could both wrong for underestimating ourselves.

Listening to Catherine explain herself prior to questioning herself afterwards immediately made me look at my boyfriend and say, who does this remind you of when they worry? Without hesitation he said, you. Let’s try to show 2017 and the rest of years to come that we’ve got what it takes to not let people undermine us, regardless of child-like manners, embarrassments or how ever we consider ourselves to have behaved.

By the way Catherine, you have made it. And all of your children believe it too especially as Cameron said yes to you being immature but then made a joke about it whilst Ellie said, no I think you’re fun. And that’s because you most certainly are. I genuinely believe that it’s your personality trait and nothing more to worry about whatsoever.

Carry on being fun and being you – it’s the Catherine we all know and love.

What are your thoughts?

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