The Reasons Why You Should Always Be Yourself

I’d like to share the reasons why you should be yourself in this post. You can go through life having a worrying overhaul of thoughts. I have feared multiple of things from the thought of drowning under the waves in the sea, to doing something wrong in the workplace. But the biggest thing I fear is not being the best I can be for someone. You can learn that when you embrace yourself you become the real you.

The truth about being yourself

The truth is that we all make mistakes. We don’t always get it right.

If I’ve done something I will face up to it. You only make things worse if you lead yourself to believe you’re a different kind of person. I would much rather be myself than a portrayal of what somebody else wants me to be. I’d rather be considered as boring for not wanting to do something I don’t agree with or don’t feel comfortable with than to do something and feel absolutely disgusted in myself for it.

Growing up, I’ve been taught to have respect for myself. And part of that is to be honest to myself. I’ll admit that there have times where I might have headed in the wrong direction, not always all the way, but sometimes half way. It’s been down to myself to motivate myself to where I want to go. It’s been a huge part of finding the reasons why you should be yourself.

A journey into new opportunities

I want to go on a journey where there are always new opportunities. I want to enjoy my life, and I also want to reflect and remember the most missed and loved people in my life.

People will have their criticisms. People might even experience a certain level of jealousy. People might ask for the truth and still not believe it when you tell it. People will always have their own view of you. But the most important view of all is your own.

How do you see yourself? I have my flaws but I also have made many achievements in my life – a life that’s still got many, many years to travel on its journey.

There are significant people in my life who have been there since day one with particular challenges in my life – they are the ones I will always love and respect the most. I aim to be like those who have always inspired me.

That’s Tasha

I have learnt to never let anyone change my values and go against what I believe in. Having a little faith can be the answer solve many things. But until you take that step to believe you are happy when you are to and let go of everybody else’s’ thoughts – you’ll feel free.

I can guarantee you will look more positively towards yourself and towards the future. The amount of excitement I feel over the littlest things in life, some people don’t understand, but the others are the ones who will smile and say that’s Tasha!

I don’t ever want to let go of who I am. And I will always want to make my family and friends proud. Stand up and believe that you deserve to be happy, and most of all, you’re the very best when you are you. Hopefully, you’ve figured out why you should be yourself.

9 thoughts on “The Reasons Why You Should Always Be Yourself

  1. This is such a beautiful post. Almost all people in this world need to learn to accept themselves. This category includes me. It sure is very important to see the positivity in life. Most of us are breathing. Only some are living. Thank you for such a nice post!

  2. Pretty good post Natasha. If only we could relax about those things over which we have no control! We would save so many sleepless nights and worry with anxiety! Keep being the best you can be and thanks for your post.

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