A Year Goes By And I Miss You Even More

A year ago today, Daniel lost his beautiful nana, as she joined heaven to be with his grandad. Others who are missing their nana will be able to relate to this post.

As you’ll already know if you read my blog quite a bit, I love to ask people questions and find out their feelings and thoughts about certain experiences. This one is probably one of the most heartfelt ones I’ll do as, to talk about anyone passing away is upsetting but when it’s someone to you love who has lost someone, and that someone is someone who was part of your life, no matter how long for, it affects you more deeply.

The last time I went to the chippy with Danny it was on my mind to bring back a chip barm because that’s what we used to always bring back for her. I asked Danny some questions.

How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

I was down but I knew that, to carry on with my day I needed to smile and think of the happy memories. It’s always hard to not have someone here that you miss.

Has anything happened today to make you stop and smile about a memory you and your nana shared together?

Yeah, when I was on the bus on the way home an elderly lady got on and I moved so she could sit down and reminded me of the times my nana used to pick me up from primary school and the bus journeys home.

Since your nana passed last year – has anything changed in your life?

Yeah, I’ve graduated university.

How has your nana inspired you?

Well whenever I had to go to university or work she would say good luck or don’t work to hard, so I did in university for her.

If you could see your nana one more time in person, what’s the one thing you would want her to know?

That I love her and miss her. A programme that always reminds me of my nana is Casualty.

What are your thoughts?

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