Having a Life with Two Older Brothers in It

Growing up with two older brothers cannot be described in one word. You feel different emotions from annoyance happiness. I would like to some key things that I’ve learnt growing up with two older brothers.

Growing up with two older brothers

It’s not the same as just growing up with brothers – the fact that they are older is very significant. As if my dad wasn’t enough protection. They’ll always protect their little sister probably until I’m an old little woman! I love our family of five.

I used to think they wouldn’t like any man who would walk into my life – but they always liked Danny Guy – he’s lucky. Sometimes, when you’re younger, they’re going to wind up that much that they’ll make you cry. Finally having the ability to say something back when they do annoy you seems to surprise them.

They can wind me up or call me names in a joking way but no one else is allowed. They would always tell Danny to look after me regardless of time and events. When I was little, if one of them said they wanted to play house, they meant, just do everything they say (make them a drink, feed them etc.)

Some days, they’ll toy fight with you like you’re the other brother and accidentally bust your lip. On other occasions, they might whack a gate into your head because you wanted it open and they wanted it shut. It’s one of my scars, which tells the funniest story.

We’ll always have our memories together

I think they’re proud of me even if they don’t always tell me they are. They remember the significant memories of our childhood – the most enjoyable and the saddest events in our life. The day passes when you all play in the garden together and walk in with the dirtiest hands and feet ever.

But, you take a moment to realise your age now. We are all at different stages in our lives and we all just want each other to be happy. They might call me emotional from time to time but it’s alright.

We don’t speak everyday but together we are three of the closest people you will meet. Then again, sometimes we crumble. We don’t always know each other’s business but we just be there. They say three is a crowd – but we wouldn’t complete our parents’ lives without one another.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for two better brothers. They can annoy the time out of me, we can test each other’s patience but they’ve guided me through a lot in life. When we are all in the same room together, a laugh is always guaranteed. And when I get a hug, that’s a bonus!

Do you have older brothers? What do you love the most about them?

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