Let’s Talk Perfection, Dreams, and Challenges

We all have dreams. No one on this earth knows how to always have it all together, even if it seems like they do. Of course, there will be times when there are people who are more confident, seem very sure about a situation, feel ready etc. when deep down, life can throw anything at us. It’s more about how we respond.

Likewise, beauty is a term which everyone sees differently. Our perceptions are what make the world the place that it is. Less judgemental gestures and enjoying life is what I believe in. Remember that you deserve to be happy despite any flaws and faults.

We may fall of track but remember to find yourself but don’t lose yourself.

No dream is too big

You can dream as big as you want. You can aspire to whatever you want to be. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean you failed. It shows that you have the strength and determination to live to the full, and your thoughts are full of colour and creativity.

Take it from someone who’s been knocked down – you will get to where you want to be. You might have imagined it differently – perhaps not the exact people or place, but you’ll realise where your happiness lies.

Even when you’ve jumped massive leap, don’t stop dreaming. I’ll always think of new things I can attain. Having goals helps me look forward to the future, rather than being the less courageous person I used to be.

Don’t let a challenge weaken you

Do you think there’s an obstacle in your life right now? Think again… you can fly higher than you think and you can run longer than you think.

By this I mean, opportunities are always available and there are always different ways to approach a challenging situation; if you carry on, whether you finish first or last, it doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that you want to be a part of the world that participates to grow stronger.

Some challenges can keep us on our toes.

A little something to add – we all live in this world together. A little smile along with a few kind gestures can go a long way.

What are your thoughts?

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