The Meaning of Songs to Me

You hear a song, what does it remind you of – a person, place, or time?

I am a girl who loves to listen to a variety of music such as songs from Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, etc.

That one party song…

When I was younger, I always knew that my mum loved to listen to upbeat Whitney Houston songs when she was cleaning around the house. I think that could where I get my love for most of her songs from too. I’m that person who always want to hear ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ at a party.

In fact, on the celebration of my boyfriend’s graduation just under a month ago, I was in my element when this song came on in a club. Maybe I can make this happen with ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’. If you don’t know the song then, I don’t really know what to say.

Then for everybody else who has known me as I’ve grown up will know that my mum and dad love to play music.

They have a cupboard in the living room that they store CDs in. They love their CDs! Half of the albums have the same songs but still, they love them all. This is where I’ve picked up my enjoyment for older songs in the 60s and 70s. It comes in handy whenever there’s a quiz!

My dad used to always sing Build Me Up Buttercup and my mum could never sing The Most Beautiful Girl in the World to me. In turn, any song by Prince but then make me think of my mum because of that. There are many, many songs which remind me of the both of them. It is crazy how meaningful music can be to us, isn’t it?

My dad loves some current music as well as the oldies – but mostly his oldies. Although he will be heard singing the odd song by Olly Murs and I’ll always remember when he used to say that, The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha Dixon reminded him of my brothers because they didn’t clean up enough at home!

My mum and dad’s wedding song, Endless Love will definitely be a key song that will always remind me of them both.

Grandad loved reggae, rock and roll and some slow songs too…

My grandad was another person who loved his music. As much as it breaks my heart each time to listen to Imagine by John Lennon, I like that I have one of many songs to remind me of my grandad. I will stop what I’m doing whenever it is played and I’ll be very deep in thought.

But then I’ll remember the other side of music, Status Quo. He loved them and we played one of their songs, Rocking all Over the World at his funeral too.

When granny passed away, my brothers and I always knew that My Heart Will Go On was always going to be hard to listen to. But we didn’t realise how much harder it be to listen to it once both my granny and grandad had passed away.

To this day, we still wish they were here. We speak about them a lot. They were a massive inspiration in our lives but it’s even more special that I find the strength to openly discuss our memories with my mum as she always found it difficult to do so.

Amazing Grace

When Gracie-Mae came into the world, my niece, we thought about the meanings of her name. My mum turned to me and froze. Her name reminded her of granny’s funeral song, Amazing Grace. Sometimes, I can sit here and listen to it when I’m on my own. Not to put myself down but just because I want to feel a little bit of granny here with me.

Auntie Linda and uncle Dom

There are always going to be memories of my auntie Linda and uncle Dom’s house. I used to stay over with my friends and we would listen to music all night. From all the oldies, Irish classics, Westlife, U2, to the new songs which we would try to make them like.

Every time I go to auntie Linda’s she will always be playing music in the kitchen, it’s a thing I’ll always remember her with and uncle Dom will be watching films on television when it isn’t music. I must say uncle Dom knows his moves when it comes to Michael Jackson songs!

It doesn’t end here…

My best friend, Faye is someone who knows my love for music – and the combination that I like. She has seen me sing my heart out on karaoke, dance away to Nintendo Wii dancing games, and how much I love songs at parties, and in general. She understands the songs I wish to listen to are dependent on my mood.

We’ve sang Disney songs on our journey in her car together and we have also sang away to (or sat there and really listened) to songs on Smooth FM and similar radio stations when we’ve headed home after an evening catch-up.

One day, this girl even made me a memories CD with a song by Leona Lewis song in the background because she knew how much I loved her album at the time. Obviously, she’s still an amazing singer.

The love songs

My Girl by The Temptations is another song which will always remind me someone. That someone being Daniel. It brings back memories of some of our most memorable nights out together. Another which reminds me of nights out is Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. There are a range of songs and which remind us of our memories together – from several songs by Beyoncé as we seen her in Manchester together, but the significant one being 1+1.

Throughout a lot of worry I always remember that Danny says, I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz is our song. The reason being that, we simply won’t give up on each other no matter how many years ago by. Other than the Ed Sheeran songs that Daniel used to play, this was the first song that really, really got me. We have both come so far together and the song illustrates our journey so well. We like to look forward and be by each other’s side.

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Hopefully, now that you’ve read this post, you will think about all the songs that you have memories of. You might even surprise yourself of just how many songs there are in your life that remind you of person, place, or time.

We all have at least one song that reminds us of something or someone.

6 thoughts on “The Meaning of Songs to Me

  1. Such a great song list! Have some memories attached to some here too, endless love was also my parents wedding song and I want to dance with somebody gets me everytime!! Great post!

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