Your Support Matters for the Dementia Memory Walk

The Memory Walk in Manchester takes place this week, 17h September at 11:00 am at Heaton Park. This is in memory of all those who suffered with dementia. Sadly, we are one member down, but we still have seven of us walking for dementia in association with the Alzheimer’s Society. We are walking in special memory of Kathleen Sweeney, grandmother of my boyfriend Daniel Guy.

Making us smile

She began to feel like my nana too. She was a woman who I was blessed to have known. For every christmas card, birthday card, even Easter. Kathleen was so very thoughtful in every way. She would make you smile. She would make you laugh. But most of all, she would inspire you from the sweetest of her heart.

When a person with dementia finds that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. The people closest to them – including their carers, friends and family – need to do everything they can to help the person to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth. (Link:

Kathleen might have had vascular dementia, but she didn’t let it take away the bubbly personality that she had. From not wanting to take off her Christmas jumper to telling me that Daniel is her grandson, I loved hearing everything. It really touched me when I seen her in hospital, a few days before she passed away, and she said,

“Aww it’s nice to see that Tasha is here.”

You can help to support research in dementia

There are thousands of people in the world who can relate to how it feels to know someone who has dementia/Alzheimer’s; how it feels to experience it themselves; and how painful it can be to see short-term memory fade. It’s upsetting to think that research predicts a growth in figures that could reach 1 million by 2025.

But we must all remember that the person we love and always will, is always going to remain in our hearts as we will in theirs.

Please help support me via my JustGiving page. It’s for a cause which is close to all of our hearts.

What are your thoughts?

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