Charities I Have Supported

Supporting charity is something I’m really passionate about if you didn’t know already. Helping others whether you put a great deal of time, or what you can into making a difference is amazing. Charities are always so grateful for the care that you have towards helping their worthy causes.


Last year in August, was when I planned a 5K walk around Salford, Manchester to raise money for Tommy’s charity. I chose this charity because they support mothers who have had miscarriages and still births. My mother had experienced both and had me three months early, therefore, I felt the need to give something back. I am unable to donate blood to NHS Give Blood due to the fact that I’ve had a blood transfusion as a baby. So I had a think and saw this as the perfect opportunity to illustrate my gratitude for my very own life.

British Heart Foundation

Ever since I was a child, my mum and I would always gather any old clothes we had to donate to the British Heart Foundation. I donated ten bags of clothes a couple of months ago and I am sending a metal headboard to their furniture store soon. The world that strikes me is, heart.

Our heart keeps us alive and as sad as it is that our hearts will stop beating one day, we’ve all had someone who was taken away from us too soon. My grandad especially holds a special place in my heart with this charity as he had a heart bypass and I remember the scar from this heart all the way down his leg.

St Ann’s Hospice

When I was in high school, I always wanted to be involved in more projects but never felt like I had the confidence to do so. But when it came to fundraising, it’s something then I’ve never been afraid to do.

Our cooking teacher, Mrs Lockey, was looking for a team at the time to take part in the Midnight Walk, sell merchandise, and spread awareness for St Ann’s Hospice. It was a really worthwhile experience, especially when you see how you have helped the charity. I realised where their Salford building was too.

Alzheimer’s Society

I remember meeting my great nanny over in Ireland who suffered from Alzheimer’s. I had heard of the illness but I had never seen it in person, only on television and reading about it. Some people laugh at the little habits a person with Alzheimer’s has, but it is more often that they are fighting such as much as the person suffering, by seeing the person they love have this illness. Nanny would visit home and spend her time at a day centre.

Then there came a day three and a half years ago when I went to my boyfriend’s house. I remember seeing a little, elderly, smiley faced woman at her gate (she lived next door to Daniel). All the way un until last November, I got to see her ways, and seen the stages of dementia worsen but she was such an inspiration because every day she woke up to live her life – she wanted to read her newspapers, she wanted to go to Morrison’s, and she wanted to go to church.

I am fundraising with her family in the Memory Walk, Manchester this month.

Subscribe to charity newsletters

It can take two to five minutes to subscribe to a charity’s newsletter, or read about someone’s story. Remember that there is always help needed to someone support whether it be financially, mentally, or physically. Sometimes a kind gesture and a happy smile can light up someone’s world.

From all of the charities I have written about or fundraised for, I have always received a big thank you. It’s nice for them to notice that you just want to help where you can. We all live in this world together and we shouldn’t neglect such important causes.

If you can help make a change, then why not start today?

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