7 Things I’ve Never Done but Possibly Will One Day

I love spontaneity. Sometimes I like the idea of doing one thing, but much prefer the fantasy of it in my mind rather than it actually happening because I’m probably, let’s say, too scared. But that’s what part of life is about right, facing your fears? For some things at least. Maybe one day that will be the case for some of the activities listed below.

Flew in a helicopter

I would love to experience this. It would be amazing to view the scenery of a picturesque place from a helicopter. It’s been a dream of mine to have a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon.

Driven a car

A thing that many people have pressured me to do but I’ve haven’t been that appealed by it as of yet. I think that I would know when the time comes and I would start my lessons when I definitely have that motivation of, “I want to do this and I can do this!”

Travelled to Italy

I want to go to Florence, Venice, Rome, and Milan. Is that too greedy? All of the tourist attractions that are highlighted on Trip Advisor make me even eager to visit Italy one day. I’m sure I will get the opportunity to go one day.

Ran a 10K

Such an amazing thing to do for such a worthy cause. I hope I find the drive (and energy) to achieve something like this one day. I’ve done walks for charity and other sporting events so maybe one day I’ll approach the marathon, unless I’m kidding myself.

Scuba Diving/Snorkelling

We did have an attempt once but there wasn’t much to see on our boat our at sea. I’ve always been scared but fascinated by the idea. Scared because I was once worried way much more than what I am now about the deep ocean. One day I will experience marine life up close.


I don’t think I’ve ever have the guts to bungee jump or skydive but paragliding could be a possibility. I’ve often debated whether to do it on holiday. I’ve always looked at other people doing it when I’ve been lay on the beach or been in the ocean. The one and only person I’d do it with is my boyfriend.

My favourite things that I have accomplished are learning a new language, graduating, becoming a godmother to my beautiful niece, and being accepted for a Marketing Assistant job at a college. I also love that I have travelled to Paris and did it in the romantic way with my boyfriend, along with a visit to Minnie Mouse at Disneyland of course.

Participating in volunteer work and fundraising will always be a great passion of mine. And another thing I have accomplished is, a qualification which uses sport to tackle youth crime and there are methods of being a mentor within that qualification.

Is there anything that you would like to do one day?

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