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My Story and The Importance of Setting Goals

I came into this world early. To the point that the people around me were always the ones setting goals for me.

Obviously I was a baby anyway but, my point is that my goals were to breathe independently and to be well enough for my parents to be able to finally hold me. My family has believed in me from day one, especially that I would survive and my parents would see the day when they could take me home.

I might not have the world’s average age for walking, talking or riding a bike without stabilizers in my later infant years, but I always reflect and see a happy child. That’s always been my biggest goal in life – to be happy.

As frustrating as finding a job after university has been over the past year, they’ve been there, whether or not they’ve agreed or understood each step on my way there.

I was called a geek several times, even by family members but today they praise me for all of my achievements. I studied A-Levels at college, and as much as I did not think I’d get through it, thinking I wasn’t clever enough, I did it. I might not have got my target grades but I did it for me. I stuck it out and progressed to university – so I must have done something right.

When you get older you begin to realise the importance of being happy so much more. I’ve always been the girl who smiles and laughs but I now dig deeper into the meaning of life. Call me sentimental – I’m just a person who cares about the happiness of those around me, which reflects on me and makes me feel something precious.

Being the 2 lb to then 3 lb, 2 oz of life brought into my mother and father’s world, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for them all. I think even more so because I’ll always be their little girl. My goals now are to pursue more experiences and further my knowledge of the media industry within my new role which begins next month, moving in with my boyfriend to a home we can call ours, and be happy.

That’s right, I’ve been through education but I’ll always want to learn more. And I’ll always wish to be happy and for those around me to be filled with joy.

I don’t think that my family’s faith in me has ever ended, regardless of when I was born, the time it has taken me to get where I am, or how I have handled situations. Sometimes, I haven’t known what the best thing to do has been, however, I work around my experiences and see where I need to become stronger and more certain about my capabilities.

We all have a story. Don’t think you’re any less deserving of an opportunity because of your background or upbringing. Even if you think there’s nothing that stands out about you, I can assure that there is.

Here are some points to think about with regards to the importance of setting goals.

Whether it is a short-term or long-term process, you are creating your vision. Using your motivation you are moving forward. You feel like you have something to reach for. This gives you something to work for, to plan for, and the chance to connect yourself with your ambitions and aspirations.

You can become a stronger person

Sometimes you’ve got to pass the biggest hurdles. However the whole experience can add some kind of value to your life. The whole experience whether negative or positive can boost your courage and power to carry on.

You can begin to appreciate your self-worth

You will see that you have more faith in yourself. When you achieve something which you thought would only ever be the impossible. You might just begin to feel that pride that your loved ones have a lot of you.

You start to see what you desire

You see what you are passionate about. And I mean what you are truly passionate about. You see that making time is more important than not giving time. You balance your relationships, work, and family. You understand love, how it feels to be in love, and to love your family and closest ones with every bone in your body.

To make the most of life

You are always working hard towards something. You are giving yourself something new and more to achieve each time. You realise that failure doesn’t always have to result to everything negative.

You can always aim for something. Many of times, my goals have felt like fantasies, but it’s at that moment when you achieve them that you feel something empowering.

Everything falls into place even if it’s slowly but surely.

5 thoughts on “My Story and The Importance of Setting Goals

  1. YES YES YES! Setting goals can help achieve so much, like appreciating yourself and life in general. LOVE this post as it also highlights everything I’m so passionate about! Great post lovely. X

  2. I loved this post! It is written so perfectly, like a story – thank you for sharing bits of your life! You seem amazing, and look like you’ve achieved so much! Congrats on graduating, you looked beautiful! You’ve done so well! Amazing blog post!
    Much love, Jodie x

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