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Reasons Why Our Relationship Works

Earlier this week I asked you what your favourite thing is about your relationship. On a funny to serious level, the answers ranged from having someone to moan at, to their partner knowing the worst things about things about them and still loving them.

I’d like to thank everyone who shared their answers with me – it was nice to hear so many different thoughts about their relationship.I feel it’s only fair that I tell you about the favourite things in the relationship I share with my boyfriend.

He loves me for who I am

I’d like to share all of the things that surround our feelings for each other. All of these reasons being why our relationship is what it is and why it works for us.

  • He supports me through all of the ups and downs in life
  • I’m not perfect but he thinks I’m perfect for him
  • We’ve seen each other at our weakest
  • The intimacy is never lost
  • I’ll sing and dance around to Beyoncé or Whitney Houston and he’ll still say “That’s my girlfriend.”
  • We are each other’s go to person when we need to cry, scream, laugh, or sit in silence
  • We are there for each other regardless of distance and time
  • We are both experiencing something which we never thought either of us would have
  • He knows that the smallest gestures are the greatest things in life for me
  • He listens intently so that he understands
  • He’ll always hold my hand especially when times get hard
  • His family is my family just like mine is his
  • Our single biggest fear is losing one another
  • Before we were something more than friends, he carried me over puddles, gave me the biggest hugs, and made sure I was safe and never alone
  • He’s taught me that it’s okay to be scared but there are things which I don’t need to be scared of
  • Honesty, compassion, and happiness are equally important to the two of us
  • We put each other back on the right track when we are going in the wrong direction
  • We want each other to succeed
  • He has shown me that a man other than my dad, brothers, grandad, and uncles can love me
  • We give each other the strength and courage that we never knew we had
  • He says I put him on a pedestal when in fact he puts me on one
  • He knows things that nobody else does
  • He would look my way whenever My Girl by The Temptations would come on before we were even together
  • We have experienced new things together
  • We don’t care how soppy we might be – or how immature we are when we’re giddy
  • He loves the things that I least like about myself
  • We get past each other’s wrongdoings together
  • Whenever we’ve felt the need to do something stupid, we’ve always taken a step back to realisation
  • He is everywhere in my future (I couldn’t get rid of him if I tried)
  • He never doubts me
  • When everyone sees me smile, he can tell when there’s something wrong
  • He knows that I am a sensitive person and sometimes all I need is to be held
  • He never stops showing me that I shouldn’t worry about other people’s perceptions and that I’m a person in his life whose opinion he values
  • He brings the biggest amount of fun and excitement into my life

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