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27 Ways to Live in a World of Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom Tips was a popular post so I would like to share some more widsom with you to add to your Wednesday.

Be you

Be the person you want to be rather than the person other people want to see.

You’re stronger than you think

You might not think you’ve got this, but you can surprise yourself.

Someone finds you beautiful

We all see beauty differently. And someone definitely sees the beauty in you.

Overthinking is more damaging than you think

Don’t damage that head of yours. Fill it with knowledge and positivity.

Be proactive

Lazy days are good. But boredom can frustrate us. Use time wisely.

Be thankful

Say thank you to anyone who’s helped you. Be happy to have such loving friends and family.

We are all blessed

We have a life to be as creative as we want, to fall in love, and to take exciting journeys.

Remember what motivates you

Don’t forget about the things that helped you get where you are today.

Know what you have today

Don’t wait for the moment when it’s taken away from you to realise.

Reflect positively

Learn from good and bad experiences. It will help you grow.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue. Don’t let time challenge you too often.

Feel love

Fall in love. Love your friends and love your family.

Plan and organise (where you can)

Being prepared feels good and you’ll be ready for different scenarios

Remove toxic thoughts

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In a much happier state of mind.

VExplore your freedom

Take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on. Take a different route to work. Live.

Times will get hard

Use as much strength and courage you have to fight through them.

Smile and laugh

A favourite trait of mine. Create your place of happiness. Enjoy your life.

Don’t let people take advantage of you

When it all ends, they’ll see that they were the fool.

Let go of ‘what ifs’

Accept where you are today. Don’t repeatedly punish yourself for doing something wrong.

Let someone love you

Maybe they’ll be able to reduce your insecurities. You can lose your fear of commitment.

Respect everyone who respects you

We all live in the same world. It’s a sign of mutual appreciation.

You’re not an embarrassment

We’ve all been foolish. Live and let go.

Don’t look into it too much

Focus on how a person is with you. You’ll see how important you are.

Be bold and be brave

Again, hold onto that courage. You’ll become stronger and more independent.

Don’t be a pushover

Do you always seem to be an easy target? Me too. Let’s be fiercer.

There’s no such thing as dreaming too big

You can dream about anything you want even if you think it’s higher than your potential.

A new day brings new opportunities

Take chances. Believe. And show everyone the real you.

These have all been inspired by things that I’ve been told myself. The majority have been in some way or another said by my boyfriend. Some of which my best friend and I also share with each other.

I want you to know that yesterday I woke up with what I thought were the world’s worst thoughts. Good company, hugs, comfort, and a look in the eye amongst many words told me what I needed to hear. It was the most truthful words I’ve heard – considering that yesterday I mentioned I was worried I didn’t know how it felt to hear the whole entire truth.

I know that I need to stop holding back on what I really want and often that being what I need. The smallest gestures give me the will to put so much into something just as much as another person. Think about when your family and friends can see how such a person affects you so positively – your face lights up when they walk into the room on the gloomiest of days kind of person.

If you know what you want, stop trying to fight it and expressing yourself in a whole complete different way. Take a step back, but don’t look back too much. Remember that no one deserves time spent on them if they have such a negative effect on you. They’re not one bit bothered about you yet they have had the ability to cover so much of your thoughts.

It’s difficult – I know.

But with much courage you can believe that you deserve to be happy and start to love yourself more. You begin to criticise yourself less and open a whole new perspective of freedom.

At times, I don’t always think that I can get past something. I’ve held to what might have been rather what this is right now. It’s probably more pointless than meaningful but our minds can have a tendency to wonder.

If there’s someone who holds your hand and takes you through the world like no one else has done before, keep hold of that hand. You don’t have to control your happiness by the comments of everyone else and what they think a situation is.

Remember that you want to be you – and who’s ‘you’ going to be when you are living the life controlled by someone else’s opinion of you?

10 thoughts on “27 Ways to Live in a World of Wisdom

  1. Like I read somewhere – Wisdom is when you give yourself advice, and it works – I love the way you’ve focused on self improvement in all your points some way or the other. Very well written 😍

  2. Yes – be you. Be your own kind of beautiful is my new mantra. Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing – do life, your way. You go girl!

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