Self-Expression and All About Being You

Through good days and bad days be you. Self-expression is so important. There will be days when you feel like you are having the worst week ever. There will also be days where you feel like everything is falling into place and going great. For those times when you feel like things are going right for everyone else and not yourself, remember that your time will come. Life is not filled with every single memory making us feel like we are on top of the world.

No one is perfect

We all have our flaws. We all make mistakes. The important thing is to try not to make the same mistakes over and okay again. Some of us can have a habit of doing so because we feel weak or feel that a particular situation makes us feel something happy but in reality it does not. Try not to risk something which means you would be trading something or someone who gives you the world.

Many of us and wanted to be like someone before at least once in our lives, whether it’s a friend or a celebrity who is our idol. We are given a life to live and we have our name, features, and talents that make us unique from others. We should not wish to change that.

Now more than ever, there is a lot of pressure for young people especially when social media comes into play, such as Facebook and Instagram. We’ve all had those people who we follow that seem to look absolutely flawless on each and every occasion – even from making up first thing in the morning.

Don’t let the media negatively influence your self-expression

Social media is not the single factor though. There are other sources of media such as magazines, films, television programmes etc. but for some people there will always be the usual comparison to other people surrounding them. This is not mean that it has to be someone they know.

No one is perfect but we can be perfect for someone. You will find a stage of your life where you fit perfectly with someone. Obstacles will try to tackle you. But you know when someone loves you and values the ground you walk on. Whether it’s your parents, partner, or other family member or friend, someone loves you.

Never doubt that it is any different. Until the moment when you push your limits – for example, testing someone’s patience or constantly taking a negative approach which makes you perform negatively, is when you cannot expect a person to keep trying to put you back into your place of happiness.

Supportive people leads to positive self-expression

On the other hand, there will be people along the way that will always try to help and support you. But do not rely on them for something to fall back upon. Never take their love for granted. Do you remember the times when you were being taken for granted? It is not the nicest of feelings, is it?

Never lose who you really are on your journey in life. We create our lives through the choices and routes that we decide to take. People will come and go – people will always stay. Show these people how important they are to you just as they do with you.

Love being yourself. People might begin to realise that it’s a key to being happy instead of them envying you, they can make a change in their lives and value themselves too.

What are your thoughts?

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