5 Wednesday Wisdom Tips

There comes a day at least once in our lives where we need Wednesday Wisdom more than ever. And not just on Wednesdays. They bring more happiness into our day and make us feel more fresh minded.

That negative thought – take it away right now

You’re comparing yourself to that other person or perhaps you are only trying to figure out the possible worst outcome. Take a step back, relax, and think happy. It can become an easier process once you repeat it and realise the self-satisfaction it can give you each day. If it still feels all that bad, think about what someone who you truly inspire would do in your shoes.

Live for now

You are in this life to love and enjoy it. Obstacles will try to get in your way and challenges will test you. You can only give it your best and the most important thing is to be you. You are living your life, be you, no one has any more worth than you do, so stop believing that they do. Each day forward that you have is a chance for you to explore more of what life offers us.

Believe in yourself

A hundred, thousand, or million people could have faith in you. This means nothing until the moment you start to believe in yourself. You are the one who has to take the next step. You are the one who feels all the emotions that reflect the decisions you make. So make it happen and believe you can make it. Remember that your accomplishments do not have to be the same as anybody else’s. You can make your own mark on them.

Don’t restrict yourself

Don’t limit yourself to the things you are ‘good at’. Yes, we all have our unique qualities and talents, however, where’s the harm in simply doing something that you enjoy? If it makes you happy, there’s no rule which says you are not allowed. I sing every now and again, with no kind of singing talent whatsoever but it can give me the mood booster I need in my day. You could find a new hobby. You don’t have to be the best at it.

Be you

Even the people in the world who seem perfect have something to work on. You don’t always see if people have met their aspirations in life, even if it seems that they have done so.

Many of us will have some kind of insecurity or weakness. One of my self improvements is to try to reduce the amount of over thinking I do. You should have more confidence walking down the street.

Breathe and clear away those toxic thoughts  which are damaging your inner happiness. Start your day with your head up high, otherwise you’ll continue your day down in the dumps.

If you follow these five steps, it can help you reach your ultimate level of happiness. Believe me, I have taken on such emotions where I have unbalanced the negatives and lived in a bubble of wonder. But if you live for the moment and take it one step at a time, you are bound to appreciate the beauty and gift of life so much more.

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