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7 Questions about Our Relationship

Danny was in the year above me at the same primary school. We did not know each other inside out as we do now. But my first impressions were, ‘the boy I could never have’. It was not until before starting college that we got to know each other more. I always seen him as being so confident, funny, and attractive.

I always seen him getting along with people. He never seemed afraid of anything. He has always been very intelligent but he still surprises me to this day of the knowledge he has.

How did it all begin?

For all of my closest friends and family, they know the history and background of Danny and me. As I said in the above post, I did not think that I deserved someone as loving and thoughtful as Danny. So when all my friends used to say that he liked me back in college, I refused to believe that he did (even though we would talk for hours on end), including being sat outside on a pavement talking about anything.

We have both explored different aspects of life, but most of which have been quite similar. We were brought even closer in 2012 – one of my favourite memories being when Danny lifted me up over puddles of rain on the evening of Boxing Day.

I had a feeling that something could happen between us, something amazing. We shared the look in each other’s eyes. He protected me on nights out. He made sure I had the best time. He waited for me when everyone else had left. And no matter what, we would always find each other and give the biggest hug as we met.

As scared as I was to move from a friendship to a relationship, I finally said yes to be with him. We have grown together in ways I could never have imagined. Everything we have been through whilst taking our own path before getting into a relationship has brought us closer together. Even more so once since we have been together.

We took our time, but we got there. Considering I was scared at first, Danny is the one person that I have conquered most of my fears with. It’s amazing how someone can make you feel so safe and have the ability to take away your fear when they are there or when you imagine them to be there with you.

Do you still have fears and worry?

This is probably the most all-time relatable question to myself. I have always been a worrier and I think I always will be. However, knowing that I am able to confide in Danny about anything does help. I used to have a habit of being delayed when revealing anything that was on my mind.

It can still happen today, but nowhere as much as it used to. I think that once a person loves you, truly loves you, they make it their aim to care and support you. I have worried about employment matters, how I come across, how I look etc. but he has always told me to be myself because that’s all that I need to be.

Danny has the capability to make me feel good about myself. Whenever I feel at my worst, he makes me feel beautiful and worthy. When I feel at my weakest, he will reassure me that I have the strength and courage to get through something.

I have learnt that Danny has grown into a man still having fears that I would never imagined he would. He fears that he will lose me. I have confidence to share with you all that this is not even possible. He is a man who puts his heart and soul in our relationship and into putting happiness into my life.

Some people say we are still young, and we are, but we know what we want. We want to share our lives with each other and go on new adventures. The amount of time and effort that you put into your relationship, from both people, shows you if you really need to be scared of something or not.

Whenever I tell Daniel something I am worried about, often it sounds so silly out loud than it did in my head. It goes to show me that when I look at him and communicate, there is nothing to worry about. It amazes me how our minds can hold so many thoughts at once.

How happy are you with the intimacy that you share?

We share the same level of understanding. We reinforce each other’s accomplishments. And we are not afraid of showing others the love and affection that we share. We hold hands, we smile, and we laugh. Sometimes, there can be silence in the room and we are happy enough to be in each other’s presence – boys will be boys on their PS4, I’ll do some blogging and research, or we’ll watch our own favourite programmes, and some of them are ones we enjoy together.

We support each other’s choices. Whenever we have not quite agreed, we have begun to develop a bigger understanding of a situation. The things where you would expect any other person to run a mile, and this one does not, has shown me the level of intimacy that we share.

We still fool around. We have our inside jokes. We have our own type of language when communicating that no one else would understand. We have a positive effect on each other’s life. We still have our independence. And when something does not go how we expected in those independent moments of our lives, we listen and offer advice to each other.

How often do you laugh together?

What’s a word for very often? We laugh over and over again, a lot! Just yesterday we were playing different card games. We laughed so much whenever the other thought they could win and had a trick up their sleeves.

We will laugh at the same humorous thing that caught our attention walking down the street. We find a lot of characters on television funny. We laugh at the same entertainment shows and films.

Most of all, we laugh at each other. Danny always says,

I love you, you weirdo.

I can do some random, silly things that even I wonder where I come from sometimes. I will be laid in the weirdest positions and make the strangest noises. Some of the funniest moments can be when it is only us who notice each other’s hysterical moments. We both think we are funnier than the other person a lot of the time.

He has seen me run around the house with fuzzy hair, and Minnie Mouse pyjamas. He’s seen me fall up the stairs going into Next. And I’ve seen him fall as he stepped onto a bus and on another occasion when he fell of his chair when playing on his PS4.

We love to laugh uncontrollably and these are often the times where our best memories are displayed. We’ve always had this connection.

When was the last time to said ‘I love you’ to your partner?

There is not a day where we don’t say that we love each other. Whether it be face-to-face, via text message, or over the phone, there’s always time to say ‘I love you’.

Those three words are powerful and I am so glad that Daniel is the man I fell in love with and get to fall in love with all of this qualities and traits every day.

There are times where we will bicker when we don’t agree on something or feel rather grumpy (mostly because we are tired or hungry). However, this does not tend to last very long. We end up laughing and realise that something can come across in the wrong way when misunderstood in the wrong context.

Whenever people or things have ever tried to come between us, we know just how much we love each other because we always stay by each other’s side. We know we would not tell each other we love each other if we truly did not.

Daniel knows me better than I know myself. Whenever he has told me that I can do something and I thought I couldn’t, he has proved me wrong. Vice versa. We have the same goals and want the best for each other.

We have seen each other at our best and worst. We have shared sorrow and we have also shared excitement. To know someone loves you through all emotions, is the most heart-warming feeling I have had.

If you could choose your partner again, would you choose the same person?

One million times yes. Although, I’ve always seen it as Danny chose me. He could have anyone but he chose me. Being asked this question though, I would choose Daniel over anyone. My mum even says that she,

…could travel the world and there would be no better man for my daughter than Daniel Guy.

Danny reckons I put him up on a pedestal. I don’t. He just does not see what everybody else sees.

There’s no other person on earth who I would want to cry with all over again, go on holidays with, accomplish new things, laugh with, smile with, and most importantly be with.

There’s no other man who I would want to look forward to the future with – to one day live with, start our careers, and be us in our own space.

There’s no one else that I would want, to make me realise that being you is the best way to be and not caring what anyone else thinks means that you can’t let anything stand in the way of your happiness.

Danny is the greatest love I’ll ever have.

What are your thoughts?

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