Beyoncé Performs for Her Fans in Manchester

Beyoncé performed her Formation World Tour at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground. She arrived on stage at 20:00 and blew us all away.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Beyoncé embraces many people on a global level. Back at the beginning of the year when I noticed that tickets for her Formation World Tour were due to go live, my heart beat with excitement. Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to go and see Queen B live, or see her in any kind of environment whatsoever.

The Beyoncé tickets

I would like to give the biggest thank you to my wonderful Danny. If it was not for him, I would not have had the chance to attend such a memorable and amazing event. He purchased the tickets and said it was a Valentine’s Day present (although I classed it as Valentine’s Day, early birthday, and early Christmas present!)

Ever since I used to see Beyoncé in music videos, interviews, and photos back with Destiny’s Child, I was embraced with how much talent she had. She has the best moves I’ve ever seen for a female vocalist and with her voice she can warm anyone’s heart or turn up the party in the room.

When fans see their idol or favourite artist on stage, they usually scream and jump with excitement. I on the other hand, stared with admiration and star stuck for a solid couple of minutes.

Beyoncé in action

We were standing (Danny and I, along with friends we met up with) and the part of the crowd we were due to very tall people (or so it seemed due to five of us girls being small young women) was quite hard to see her on stage at times. But there was a big screen and two smaller ones either side. Luckily, my boyfriend lifted me in the air three different times whenever she came closer to the audience.

Ahhh Dan, I can see her, Dan look she’s right there!

Obviously he knew that or else he would not have lifted me into the air to see her. Anyway, I was on cloud nine – that was my excuse.

What an absolutely flawless, independent, and beautiful woman. For anyone who is not a Beyoncé fan and are not so fond of her faster, party songs, you need to listen to her more slow beat ones. You are bound to feel inspired. She either makes you want to scream and dance, sing and dance, or stand there and sing your heart out regardless of your singing talents. No one could ever be Beyoncé anyway so anyone who is trying to be should just give up already.

There were classics from Destiny’s Child such as Survivor to songs like Crazy in Love from her very first album Dangerously in Love. In fact, I thought she was only going to sing the teaser version of the song that was used to promote her Formation World Tour – she is Beyoncé though so of course she started slow and went to the upbeat version.

Beyonce’s songs never get old

For anyone who was in the audience and did not know many of songs, it did not even matter, she makes you feel the Beyoncé spirit immediately with her presence.

I have never seen a woman so fierce and confident especially when she sang Run the World (Girls). She balanced the night with a mixture of her songs from then and now, and slow and fast. Of course she knows how to run a show, she was born to be a Queen. This included a tribute to Prince as Purple Rain was played. She also played a montage of her, husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy to celebrate their life together.

Her outfits full of sparkle lit up our night. Her hair, even when it got wet in one of her performances was still flawless. The journey she took us of her life gave us such a brilliant show. It’s by far the best concert I have ever been to.

My all-time favourite song by Beyoncé is 1+1

You should have seen my face when it came on. My… I was well and truly stunned. Her voice is inspirational in her music videos and performances, but to hear her sing this track live made my night. It was more incredible that she said,

It is my favourite song to sing every night.

I stood still as soon as the mood kicked in for her to sing the song. The intro was played and I was just in my own world. The lyrics and significance behind the song are so meaningful to me. Danny knows how much I love the song, especially as I would not stop saying to him that I cannot wait for her to sing it.

He put his arms around me and we just listened. It felt dreamlike. But it was definitely really. To think that my favourite song was being sung by Beyoncé herself, live, and being able to watch this moment with Danny has become one of my favourite moments that we have shared together. I began to feel goose bumps and my eyes watered as I listened and related to the song.

A night full of such wonderful emotions. I was very lucky to experience it and I would be absolutely honoured to do it all over again.

Take a look at her stunning performance of 1+1.


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