Things I Need to Remember from the Most Inspirational People in my Life

Of all the people you have known and love, who has been the strongest amongst them all?

They might not necessarily be someone who you know personally. A particular story you have seen in the media may have inspired you. Whoever it is/they are, they give us something to keep in our mind wherever we go and whatever we do.

What is it that makes you proud of the person they are/were?

A few people to come to mind when I think about the strongest people I have met in my life. Some have gone through major health, relationship, and personal experiences. The list goes on. The reasons as to why I class them as the strongest people I know goes much deeper than how they appear on the outside.

At times where I would fell apart if I was in their situation, they showed a great deal of courage and will to carry on with their lives. I do not even have to mention their names individually. They know how much inspiration I find in them.

The strongest people I know have shown me that it is okay to cry. Perhaps you are wondering then why I think they are so strong?

It is down to their nature of not wanting to burden their worries onto somebody else’s shoulders – a person who puts his or her family first – someone who never gave up on his or her love. I was blessed to have grown up with two people in particular who never let their health get in the lives of others or their own.

Throughout my life so far, the three main things I need to remember from the most inspirational people in my life are:

  • To live in the moment
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Family and love are precious

So from this day forward, I am telling myself to quit worrying about ‘what if’ after that job interview, or life after my current job ends, and the biggest one for me, other people’s opinions. I was told that “patience is a virtue” and I never understood it back then. I only got to experience life with granny up until year three of primary school. I am glad that my mum and auntie remind me of the saying whenever I feel stressed out.

In addition, I have learnt that you should not let someone else’s opinion of what they think they know about you determine your type of reputation.

You are who you are. The people who truly know and love you will recognise this and respect you. We all make mistakes.

We all have our flaws. Anyone who disagrees must have a lot more self-recognition of himself or she and their strengths, when deep down, their biggest weakness if thinking about all of their perfections rather than acknowledging the selfless actions of other people.

Some people have an idea of where they want to be in life; it does not matter how far down the road they realise. It is about experiencing different challenges whilst you are on that road and approaching them with the best attitude that you can.

If you are looking for something new, you must be willing to come out for comfort zone, pushing yourself to new limits, and forget about everybody else’s expectations of you no matter now big or small they are. You might be someone who wants to be right in the middle.

Do what you want to do.

You will only regret it in the future if you chose someone else’s dream. And the biggest point to make is that you are more driven than you think. You have choices to make. No matter how educated or experienced of a person you are, we are all entitled to have ambitions. Do not let anyone take them away from you. You meet them in your own time on your journey.

I have seen someone cry alone in the kitchen of my house. I had never seen them cry before. I sat down and thought about what had happened. This man, my loving grandad, had lost his wife – the person he wished to be by his side forever. We would discuss memories that we all shared together on a regular basis.

And the one thing we all loved about him the most, he carried on living for us.

Granny may have been the main foundation of his life, but he knew that we were his life too. He shared his gratefulness every day as did we and still do.

For a man who had a heart bypass, all the way from his heart to the bottom of his legs, does not even compare to the length of courage he had.

The kind of days where he would appear to surprise us at home, are the days I miss. Nothing stopped him. He knew that granny was still part of our lives. As much as he knew that his health was important, especially due to other medical conditions such as diabetes, his family was the one thing that made him hold onto everything.

It is moments like these, which I reflect on, which makes me want to give so much back to life.

Hence why I support Tommy’s baby charity (for my mum and sister), and The British Heart Foundation (for my grandad). My best friend is someone who I want to continuously help because I have seen what she is going through in relation to her diabetes side of life. It kills me sometimes but being the person that I was taught to be in such situations makes me feel stronger.

I have always wanted to grow up to be a woman who never leaves her family. I want to be the daughter that my parents thought they could never have. I want to be that little girl all over again who’s grandad drove her to go onto the big rides at theme parks, to live life to the full. He knew that my friends had a lot more guts to do the more adrenaline things in life, but he also knew that being his granddaughter, I could be the friend who has a lot to give.

Before you think giving an elderly relative a hug or kiss as they leave in front of someone you know, do not miss that opportunity. The little things add up to accumulate the amount of strength you can hold. The most confident people have doubts. The happiest people can cry. Sharing love for your family and friends should that comes to us every day.

As independent as I am, I still have someone who guides me. All are with me, whether they are alive or have passed away.

Through my grandparents’ relationship, my parents’ guidance, and friendship of my closest friends and family, I have taken my own journey, which led to a wonderful man named Daniel. I think my grandad put him back there because there are so many gestures, which remind me of him. He is an example of someone and something I thought I could never have. Every day he proves me wrong.

I bet they both had a plan to get me onto bigger rollercoasters in life. Metaphorically speaking, I have had ups and downs like we all do. I have laughed an endless amount of times and also cried many times in front of the people I am closest to.

And in reality, I have been on more rollercoasters at theme parks then I could have imagined. I thought it would a memory I would only share with my grandad, especially having the strength to go on them with him watching me but I know now that I can do it.

I have taken the inspiration to follow my own path, as I am currently experiencing new things in my career.

There is a long way to go but if carry on being the woman I am today, I can make it.

I look at inspirational people in my life who take life one-step at a time. You might not always be ready or know what to expect, but you can live. Next time I attempt to think differently, I will remember the man whose heart could stop beating one day, yet he still gave it to his family every day.

Be that person you want to be. If I can do it then so can you.

What are your thoughts?

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